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Thread: New Archer Tower / Cannon design. Looks literally like previous level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fozage View Post
    The cannon is not that bad the gold ring is bigger and the screws are gold

    It the archer tower is the problem
    I agree, especially the short range/fast attack AT. It barely has any difference from the level 16.
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    Freelance designer: New level for Archer tower and cannon? Well, one hour including lunch, that is the lowest I can charge you for! then I can do the witch, hogs Rider and the ice golem as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterEdy View Post
    An optimist, eh? I'm more of a realist myself...
    Well they took away the awesome models from all the other TH levels and homogenized them so their all boring and look the same... so lets just say I've been holding out hope for these tier 2 upgrades for a long time now.

    Just because... max tier defenses shouldn't be boring to look at...

    If these Archer towers are just more bland defenses that no one wants to look at... well... that would be a sad day.

    Because otherwise that moment...
    Finally after 3 years of grinding!!!! Now I have the MAX POOP cannons and MAX POOP archer towers!!!!!

    But then we would know their just saving all the good models for TH13. Right?

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    I agree with blue banner for archer tower, or replace the green banner all through out depending on townhall color. It would be great. For a good theme color.. And if possible can canon balls turn to electrifying blue canon balls?

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    It looks like the road to heaven but it feels like the road to hell.
    Redesign level 6 Inferno, when?
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    Where is your thread that lvl5 and lvl6 Cannons look too similar?

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    I agree...I think the entire artwork for th12 is lazy and poor...none of it fits with what looks like space age town hall and teslas..not to mention the double take needed to check if it's a level 6 or level 3 inferno tower

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    Actually I'm with you about that

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    I only want the cool skulls for TH 9 archer towers back

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAppel View Post
    Where is your thread that lvl5 and lvl6 Cannons look too similar?

    Don't whine just for the sake of whining.
    Those are like the new cannon upgrade. It took me a second to notice the difference. The AT is another story.

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