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Thread: Use of Spells Received from Donation for Defense

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    Use of Spells Received from Donation for Defense

    The idea here is use spells received from donation for village defense. For example: I received a ice spell; when attacker destroy my CC, falls the spell in same location of castle. The same idea will function for all others.
    Maybe can have a system IA to drop fury spell when the troops leave and drop ice spell when to be destroyed.
    I dont know, but will can have a system this type. ^^

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    I have a similar idea for spells used for defense. If implemented correctly, I feel it could work out. Then again, with things like the Ice Golem and the Tornado Trap on defense getting reduced stats because quite a few complaints, they might not care too much for the spells on defense idea.

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    Yes and when you have a rage spell it can rage your enemy into destroying your base faster

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