Do you like warring? Do you like WINNING? Do you like WAR LOOT? We might just be the clan for you! War record 230-69 as of today. We are 44-6 in our last 50 games.

Darksoulz is looking for people who love warring as much as we do. We welcome anyone who loves to war and people who participate in Clan Games. We offer a competitive war environment where we have plenty of coaches willing to help people improve their skills.

When one war ends, we tend to begin our search the following day at about 10-11 PM EST. But our time is flexible and varies. We're always searching. If you're upgrading queen/king or spell factory go ahead and opt out. No big deal to us. On non war days our clan is casual and fun, we have plenty of players available to donate, and we have a variety of bases if you need to practice attacks. We're all willing to help each other get better.

We don't have many rules but here are some just because we have to demand consistency:

- We don't have a hard donate ratio, but use your common sense, nobody likes freeloaders

- No blatantly rushed TH bases, beyond the point of being able to handle what they're given to attack as a "mirror" in war

Most of us are adults with real jobs, we have no age requirements or anything like that, just looking for people with the right attitude!

Feel free to contact me here on the forums with any questions (or wish to discuss any of our policies). Please feel free to request an invite to our clan saying you're from the forums.

We also have a Discord chat link: (Mandatory if you want to be in war)

Our clan can be found at: #JU8JVQ28

Leader tag if you have trouble finding the clan itself: #8VV8C2RLU