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Thread: Clan Falling Apart - Assistance Needed

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    Clan Falling Apart - Assistance Needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckMasters24 View Post
    Hey Supercell forum. Its been 3 years since I've posted something. This might be one of the most important threads I'm typing. Anyway, Ill just get to the point. My clan has just turned 2 years old last month and were really struggling badly. Its very difficult to keep this clan steady when we only average 15-20 members......(which is not enough). Not only that but were lacking in communication and donations. The only thing that kept my clan up and running is its strong war log. I've given it my very best to maintain a 130-80 record however, my members are starting to become exhausted.

    I honestly don't know what else to do. I'm not really good at recruiting. Is there anyone out there that might be able to help my clan out? I really don't want to give up on it. I was hoping that we could perhaps become a feeder clan so that we can assist another. If your interested, please contact me on discord BuckMasters24 #9511. I'm open to any suggestions.
    Do you have any lower town halls, newer blood?

    how well do you do in Clan Games?

    do you have respectable Clan Perks?

    promote these things in recruitment. I am sure there are plenty of lower town halls looking to grow with you
    Farm 140
    CoC TH11 BhB9 AQ 50 BK 50 GW 20
    established level 16 clan seeking willing warriors, donators and clan games enthusiasts

    Need a Siege Machine/Donate a Siege Machine...

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    I always leave my clan open when it is under 40 people. Dont kick anyone until u get over 45 members. When u get more than 45 people start kick dead accounts slowly...

    There are a lot of clans level 10 now, so u need to keep your clan active, able to donate seige and max troops.
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