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    Apparently I have -1690 diamonds

    Iíve just logged into my account to find that there is -1690 diamonds when I didnít have any in the first place. I really hope that this is a glitch

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    Negative diamonds

    Interesting, because I suddenly have -92 and then when I earned on in the mine it dropped to negative 91. Hayday support folks, please investigate?!!!

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    Please reach out to our support from within the game!


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    I am having the same issue as of this morning & am getting nowhere with in game support. Has anybody else had this matter resolved?

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    Same here -155 Diamonds from +20 ish.

    When will we get our diamonds back?

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    No one is replying from inside the game. I want my diamonds back and also the Chinese New Year fencing that disappeared

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    If many are having this issue, there might be a longer queue than usual. Please be patient for a reply.
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    Support just told me they took away my decorations and diamonds because I had asked apple for a refund on a duplicate charge. It was a completely different charge. Now I’ll never get those decorations back. Had to spend $10 more just to finish derby. I’m done with this game.

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    Same thing for me. I requested a refund in September 2018 because I never received the diamonds I purchased. I purchased a $9.99 diamond pack and they never showed up, so I bought another hoping they both would show up, only 1 did. I contacted apple and requested a refund for the 1 package I was missing because I was still charged for both of them. I received that refund 2 days later from Apple. This is the only time I've ever requested a refund. And I purchase diamonds at least bi-weekly, so pretty often in my opinion. They took $10 in diamonds from me yesterday because I requested my money back for diamonds I didnt receive 6 months ago? That is absolutely ridiculous.

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    I replaced my negative amount and then some. You would think they would give me my decorations back. Seems very unfair.

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