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Thread: are you looking for a nice friendly hood

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    🐕🐶G'DAY😁 Do you want a stress free hood then look us up 🐮🐷🐇

    🐴🐎🐐Long Distance Farmilies is looking for Derby loving Hoodies!🐐🐎🐴

    Friendly & Helpful Champion LeagueTeam

    Hi everyone!

    Looking for some new friends, YES we are recruiting.

    ADULTS only Level 60 and up we want you to make our hood your forever farmily

    We are looking for good neighbours that chat when they have time! Team Players that are GOOD farmers!

    Farming - active - self sufficient - machines running - animals fed
    Town - lots of townies here, love active town players
    Sales - charge full price if needed - no judgment - no raiding
    Help- if derby on please check first
    Boats - open crates for outsiders but a team member will fill if they can or set sail
    Barn/Silo - trade when lopsided, ask for help when super super close
    Manners - Please and thanks are our norm as good neighbors
    REQUEST and DONATE - we only use it for produce to get our achievements

    REGULAR DERBY: 320 tasks only
    SPECIAL DERBY: 400 points only, 10th if required (Opt out if not committed w/ 400)
    BINGO DERBY: We will decide as a team.
    MYSTERY DERBY: 400 ONLY!!!! And a tenth if required
    BLOSSOM DERBY: Letís get it done as a team!

    Chatting - we love it, but realize people have busy lives - really just want people that talk when on, want to get to know their neighbors and are polite and helpful team members - not ME players.

    Stop by and check us out!

    Long Distance Farmilies
    Gold Emblem with Purple Goat

    Members from ... UK, Australia

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