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Thread: LadyBug82: Solid Core of Neighbors Seeking Friendly and Active Members

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    Lightbulb LadyBug82: Active Neighbors in Search of More Active Neighbors =)

    Friendship! Fun! Derby!

    Be Our Neighbor!

    Ladybug82 has been around since 2015.
    Since then many have come and gone, but a core group of us have stuck together through it all and continue to have fun and excel!
    Many of us keep in touch outside of Hay Day through WhatsApp and Facebook. And would love to do so with new members as well.

    **We have a Facebook Messenger group chat that we would love for you to join!**

    DERBY: Playing for fun and striving to win!
    You are not required to participate in derby to be in our hood, but if you are going to opt in you must please follow our simple rules.
    *We are in Champions League (and have been a very long time)* We usually place top 3 in derbies just by focusing on playing for fun and completing all tasks.
    GOLD: 71
    SILVER: 49
    BRONZE: 27
    1. Must do 9 tasks at 310 points or higher (or max points per task for special derbies).
    2. 10th task is optional.
    3. If you won't be able to participate in a derby, opt out to be fair to everyone else!
    4. It's *not* just about your task, let's help each other; helping each other means finishing faster, and also growing as a hood faster!
    5. If you miss a task in a derby and are elder, you get demoted.
    6. We have a lot of fun doing derbies, and naturally end up placing because of it.

    REQUIREMENTS (What we need from you):

    1. MIN level 45
    2. PLEASE Speak and understand English!! You will be removed if you do not communicate with us.
    3. IF life gets busy, let us know, and just opt out
    of derby. We do know there's life outside of Hay Day, but as a general note, we also expect everyone to actually play and check in more often than not (in other words, if you're never going to play then please find another hood, but if you just have weeks here and there where you might be busy/vacation/life happens we get it)!
    4. DO NOT expect to become elder immediately! After a while of you being in the hood where we know (and you know) that you're a good fit, then promotion to
    is possible. Too many people come and go, so elder is for those that come, stay, and are active!


    Red Fox/Blue Circle
    NH Tag #V9L0CLU
    (Don't forget the "#" symbol) (Also, after the first "L" is the number "0" *not* the letter).
    Currently: 11/30 (19 open spots)

    Hoppyville Teresa
    Jocie-ness <3
    Golfing Nut (MJ)

    We look forward to meeting you, future neighbor!
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    Hope your weekend has been lovely! =)

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    As a new derby is about to commence, we hope you'll consider our friendly and helpful hood if you're in search of one and enjoy playing derby. We also hope you'll check us out if you just enjoy being an active player. Thanks. =)

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    Hope you're enjoying derby! And if you don't derby, hope you're just having fun. If you're in need of a neighborhood, remember to pass by our block and get to know us.

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    Hi there! We're hoping to welcome more active members into our hood (whether you play derby or not). If you play derby all our main rules are listed above. Hope to see you in our community!

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    If you're looking for a hood (whether you play derby or not), we hope you'll consider us! We just finished 1st place in this last derby, and our hood is full of helpful members! It's wonderful and we have room for some more great neighbors.

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