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Thread: 🐸🐸 FROGS LILY PAD Now Recruiting! 10/320 STRONG Derby Team Wanted! 🐸🐸

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    🐸🐸 FROGS LILY PAD Now Recruiting! 10/320 STRONG Derby Team Wanted! 🐸🐸

    We are looking for new derby-loving members to join our family!

    Who we are:
    🐸 We currently have around 14 derby-ers....looking to stay under 20 so there is not a long wait for tasks. We have a few baby farms to help out with townies.
    🐸 Not super-chatty all the time, especially after derby is complete, but still have good communication.
    🐸 We do all mystery tasks.
    🐸 We play for 3 bingo lines, (sometimes do less than 320 points on some tasks for bingo derby.)
    🐸 We have certain types of tasks that we do for Blossom derby....communication and frequent check-ins are very important to us on Blossom weeks.
    🐸 We are adults, we help each other out, and we have manners.
    🐸 We mainly request produce to help others with the generous neighbor achievement. There are usually plenty of wheat requests in the birdhouse at any given time.
    🐸 We share shop goods with teammates before advertising to outsiders. **NO SHOP RAIDERS FOR OUTSIDE TRADING**
    🐸 Our levels range from the 60s to 140s and with various locations worldwide. All time zones are welcome.
    🐸 We are active in the valley, enjoy it, and caught all of the chickens both seasons!
    🐸 We generally finish derby within 2-3 days (as quickly as possible) depending on task board and derby type. We are not speedy by burning tons of diamonds...but we try to play smart. We adjust as necessary. If you are a slow finisher, we are probably not the right hood for you...

    What we are looking for:
    🐸 Strong derby-ers that can consistently complete all available tasks, plus the extra task at max points.
    🐸 Must be (mostly) self-sufficient.
    🐸 All members are made elders. We ask that everyone help trash tasks.
    🐸 Looking for people who are able to do all types of tasks, communicate with the group, and do some common stacking of products, townies, etc.
    🐸 Must speak English. Level 60+ preferred.

    We enjoy the game and we play to win. No micro-management. No hand-holding. We expect everyone to show up and do what needs to be done for the win. If interested, please message me....we are currently invite-only. We have a strong core team and are still looking for a few more good people to finish out our team.

    We look forward to meeting you!


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    Strong derby players wanted!

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    Join our derby team!

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    Join us before next derby!

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    Daily bump......

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    Join us for next week's derby. Small teams or couples welcome!

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    Hi! Come join our derby team!

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    Daily bump!!

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