Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by to read this post. The Eagles is an Irish based clan that accepts players from all over the world. We would prefer if you spoke English as that is the primary language spoken by the clan. We are a level 10 clan that has been operational since the early days. We have a close-knit group of players who are always looking to broaden the horizons for the clan.

The Eagles - Lvl 10 - Gold 1 CWL (#899VYLCU)

Okay so our clan is currently looking to recruit high level and high skill players that are looking for war day in day out. We are looking to build a strong war team to compete and rise through the ranks in Clan War Leagues. Our members are friendly and always offer feedback if so required. We have donators and sieges so there are no worries on that end. We would love to have you on board and see what you've got

Pre-requisites for joining our clan:
  • You must be TH10 or higher and not noticeably rushed.
  • You must be fully devoted to being in war.
  • No war timers.
  • Write a nice request message telling us what you're about.

Clan Rules:
  • You must have English and only speak English.
  • Try to get along with everyone and be respectful in general.
  • Do your part with the donating. We don't take kindly to people donating the wrong troops so if you don't have the necessary troops then ignore the request. We are not overly bothered about donation ratios as long is it's fair.
  • In Clan Games players must all contribute with at least 1000 points. We do not want to see players scoring 50 - 500 points only just to receive the rewards.
  • Don't bug the Leader and Co-Leaders for promotions. These will come naturally provided you follow the rules and do your part.

Happy Clashing