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    Hello again,
    I have had more success recently with new base layout on BH 5 than I posted concerning my Main Base just recently!

    I just wanted to share my base layout, and see what people thought! It's not perfect, but maybe in 5 battles on Vs, I win probably 4 of them! Once in while, my opponent happens to get the better of me! Probably cause they are higher than I!

    And yes, even at L5, I have YET to build the BM or the Tower! They're just so expensive!
    The walls, I'll try to upgrade them soon as well, i usually start with the inner core walls, but in this layout, it doesn't really make a difference. I realized the way the troops work, that surrounding the BH with walls if pointless. So instead, I started with 4 branches of wall, from each corner, and making a spiral! At BH5, you get 4x Spring traps, and 4 mines, so I use those at the openings, and along each path to center. In this layout, Most or all of the defenses are fairly close together, surrounded by the other buildings. by the time group of bad guys through the first layer, their is 4-6 defenses targeting them! Usually, most attacks on my base don't reach remain without a star, under 40%.

    So obviously, I just need to atleast get 1 star, or 40% or better. That's my goal. I've won some battles at 32% with no stars. I just have to learn better Attacking strategies.

    So what does everyone think of the base!?

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    Thanks, but it's a pain to play BB.

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    Affront, BH5.... What comes next? :P

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