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Thread: LOOKING FOR CLAN or potential clan merge: Multiple players - 10-15!

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    Stop in and talk.

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    I know you've gotten some solid offers, but let's chat. I can send an alt to your clan, vice versa, or I have Line.

    Sent you a PM.
    DaHolla - #2QC2CL8U0
    Veni Vidi Vici - #P98L89UV

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    Hello, not sure if youíd be interested, but Iím rebuilding a clan to level it up. Could really use some more members as Iíve only found 5 and a few from other clan. Itís a level 1 but Iím on throughout the day everyday and will be doing wars,cwl, and league fully once enough members are in. Check us out? Clan name: TheOldPeople2.0 Me: Rhino_Elite_25

    We are super chill and just looking to find some cool flashers to join us!

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    Hey we are a lvl 15 war clan #YQQGYL called DAMAGE INC. We are currently in Masters 2 in the CWL. We are also looking for a clan merger of some sort. We have 41 members currently in our main clan and about 25 in our feeder. What weíd like to do is send some of the lower accounts we have to our feeder clan to make room for you guys if youíre interested. The best way to really get to know us is to join our discord server and chat with us there just say youíre from the forums when you join the discord server. We war back to back but war is not mandatory. We run very organized but simple war plans so everyone is able to use their attacks whenever theyíre able to and not having to wait on anyone else. We crack jokes, talk nonstop about family/friends/life, and genuinely like eachother. We will never jump on someone for a bad attack, instead we encourage and coach if needed (we are all learning and try to get better from eachother). We donít have any donation ratios. Requesting and donating makes the clan stronger and more active. Hopefully youíll check us out.

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    Hello Kaleidoscope,

    We are the Invictus Family. We are 5 Level 16+ clans right now.
    Here are our tags -

    Invictus Lords #80LV8PC0 Level 17
    Invictus Beasts #80Q2G8UC Level 16
    Invictus Nobles #PPP2RPR Level 16
    Invictus Fire #82JJGQR2 Level 16
    Invictus Realm (Pure Th12 War Clan) Level 16 #9PP98GJG

    A simple search of our names will also be easier to look up.

    I read the merger part. We use Line to communicate as well. Hit me up on LINE. My ID is BarneyyStinsonn there. Lets try it out.

    We can use all of y'all in CG's and CWL's.

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    Well, check us out. If you send a scout, please say so that way we accept. Would love to have you.


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    Hey Kaleidosscope,

    No slick promo here just an awesome clan with a few spots to fill. Depending on how many you want to bring we can make more space as we have a number of minis that can move to our event clan. We are extremely active, have a lot of fun together and win most of our wars. We have gotten away from engineering and donít use in wars so no need to read any further if thatís what youíre looking for. We are looking for players that know what they are doing in war and are always striving for a new way to get that triple. We like to chat and joke around but take showing up for war seriously.

    We stay closed during war, which is all the time so I will send an invite if you want to come by and check us out. Just send me your player tag. Hope to see some of you!

    Mak Attack #8PRC9JVJ

    Wildcat Reserve #CG82YPPG


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    HelloMaybe you can check out NorseDestroyers #LVVV2GC (level 11 clan).
    We are very active in the game and help each other with donating troops.
    We are currently in gold 1.

    I think there is room for more people, so perhaps a merge is a good option.
    During CWL we split into 2 clans (th10+ and Th9-) , this way we can war at the respective levels.

    I am the co lead in the clan, and my nickname is vandal.

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    Hello! I lead a lvl 13 clan. I have multiple accounts my highest being a max th12. My clan is filled with good conversation & good attackers. Currently we're looking for more top end but we would be willing to take in lower end assuming they are acitive. We win over 70% of our wars & always max clan games. We use discord to communicate, I'm happy to send you an invite to our discord if you'd like. We'd love to have you guys come over for some wars to see if you think it'd be a good fit. We've taken first in every CWL thus far. We are only in Crystal 1 bc we started off with a lower weight & have really grown the clan since.

    Clan name: Royal Blood WAR
    Clan Tag: #9PQQ0Y9J

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    Kaleidoscope did you make a decision? We are trying to improve our roster for Crystal 1. We expect to go 5/9/1 but we could really do with more help at both th12 and 11 and sit some of my mini bases

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