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Thread: What is API?

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    Question What is API?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one asking this question but I've not found anything on it. So API, what is it and what is it used for? I came across the API token while I was in the settings in-game but my searches have come up dry. All I want to know is what it is and how can I use it.

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    API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. But that as definition only makes sense to programmers/ software developers.

    There are many software developers out there who want to build software or tools for Clash of Clans. For example, some developer might want to make a tracker website/app where you can track your daily/weekly/monthly loot amount.

    To be able to do that, the software developer would need access to game data, like- amount loots collected by a particular village. Developers would need access to such data for many villages.

    Supercell provides a way for developers to get that data. They provide an url ( and some other specifications to use that url, that can give developers the data they want. That url and the other specifications is collectively called an API.

    Since it's a developer thing, you might think why is an "API token" present in every normal clash of clans village, right?

    Suppose a developer built a third-party tool for clash of clans, but to use some of it's features- you need to prove that you own a particular village. In such scenarios, you can go into your Clash of Clans village and get that "API Token" and give it into that 3rd-party site. Then the developer can check with Supercell if that token is valid or not, to confirm the ownership of that village.

    You probably will not be able to use it to handover ownership of a village or anything. It is just to confirm your identity to Third Party websites, so that you can use some of their features intended for that specific village owner.

    Me being a long time Programmer as well as a Clash of Clans player, feel like Supercell should've come out with a better identifier for that in-game button instead of calling it API Token.

    Maybe something like- Identity token, Proof of Identity, Prove Identity, Prove Ownership, 3rd Party Verification (clicking which may reveal the token as- "<token> Use this token to prove your ownership to any of the following site/apps- ...."). In that way, Supercell could also provide directions to normal users as to which sites/apps are safe to use this token with (which in turn would enable Supercell to keep track of legitimate sites/applications, by accepting proposals/ndas via developer portal).
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