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Thread: Galaxy Attaxk (#L8RGRQJL) look for royal members to fight and enjoy war

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    Galaxy Attaxk (#L8RGRQJL) look for royal members to fight and enjoy war

    Galaxy attack is a level 15 clan as of March 2019. Our current war record is 357 wins 166 losses and 10 draws.

    Reasons for joining us:
    We have a strong co-leader and elder system. Promotion holds some meaning in our clan and they have to earned by everyone.
    we donate
    max troops, our top donator easily donate more than 40K every month.
    We are an
    active war clan
    We play
    none stop wars, we
    finish all clan games and play all cwl.
    Enjoy our friendly clan members.


    We recruiting high level town hall, as of early 2019 we prefer th-10 and above

    When in war, must use both attacks regardless situation.
    Active and donate, 1:2 ratio is ok (for every 2 donation received, donate 1)

    Once you get in:

    Actively engage in donating and receiving troops during the season.
    again when in war you must use both of your attacks

    When clan games do begin, everyone is expected to be a part of it.

    How to Apply?

    Our clan code is
    Mention that you came from the forums

    Looking forward to seeing you in our clan!

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    need more players for next war

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