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    I'm near max, I'm opted out, I war for cells only, and only because I'm a 12, I used to war 24/7 and spend as much as an hour on every in cwl, e drags, or drag bat, every attack, doesn't matter the base, ground is too risky when you only have one attack that can be completely shut down by the UNAVOIDABLE cc and tornado trap, yes the tt is unavoidable, its almost exclusively going to be on the th to the point that wasting time guessing otherwise provides no benefit, and the cc is unavoidable if you use a ground attack,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mAxjermo View Post
    [Rambling] How do frozen flying troops (that flap wings) stay in the air? I don't like how the ice golems freeze air troops, especially when electro drags start chasing ice golems only to freeze themselves. Shouldn't an inferno tower, with its intense heat, thaw frozen troops?

    if tornado trap would affect above ground miners, I would be totally ok with tornado trap.
    If you are using do your edrags chase the icegs around? With a properly executed edrag attack...the heros are out early and they kill the CC....or they are at the end when there is not much left to clean up. Either way your edrags shouldn't have to deal with icegs at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Farmermark View Post
    We run 40v40 and 50v50 wars with mostly 12s, many maxed or just about maxed. For multiple wars in a row we have seen every enemy cc have 2 ice golems and 1 baby drag. Most of us like to do queen walk/charge followed by main army...but between the golems and tornado trap this is a huge pain and risk. In regular wars we still take that risk and watch our 3 star rate on (properly designed anti 3) max 12s tumble to around 10% (which is generally good enough for the win these days). In CWL - forget it. Suicide heros and air, skip the cc.

    In multiple queen walk raids I've had the tornado trap pull my troops around, had both my healers and aq frozen by the ice golems, and proceeded to lose both my aq and most healers from it.

    When every single defensive cc is identical for multiple wars its time to fix this SC.
    I'm trying to picture how this went down? Got a video to post or screen shots? Typically the AQ will meet the CC towards the edge of the map and therefor not have enough defenses to actually get hurt (with 5 healers). The poison takes care of the babyd and slows down the iceg so that the babyd is hit first by the AQ. Next when you release the rest of your troops they are often no where near your they shouldn't get affected by anything. The only way they would be is if you are trying to get your healers to jump over to your bowlers after the first wave (risky strategy).

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    Quote Originally Posted by pb913 View Post
    If you are using do your edrags chase the icegs around? With a properly executed edrag attack...the heros are out early and they kill the CC....or they are at the end when there is not much left to clean up. Either way your edrags shouldn't have to deal with icegs at all.
    I am not satisfied with a 2* so sometimes, depending on base, I use a wall wrecker and heroes to help with funneling for eletro attacks. If this lures the cc and the heroes can't deal with both ice golems then they sit on the field and become a target for the Electros.

    Obviously I can't risk this in CWL, so I can't always use the best attack. So, this is a huge influence in the CWL. The chance that there might be ice golems in cc can affect which type of siege is used, or at minimum where it is deployed.

    But, its fair. There is a high likelihood that if you attack me in war there will be two ice golems in my cc, haha. Haven't been 3*d yet with ice golems in cc.

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    Most th12 hate war ??

    Is my clan a joke to you??

    We have around 13 to 15 TH12 n all are EXTREME WAR LOVERS😂😂...

    Note : I see rushed people getting freezed by ice golem then burned by inferno and smashed by eagle and turned to dust by Tonado🤣🤣😉😉.. (Just for fun)

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    If I'm reading all this posts about how good things work for people, how easy it is to watch youtube and get a good attackskill - I'm wondering how bad I am ,how bad my clanmates are and the same with our opponents since these randomthreestarkiller arrived ingame.
    It's nice if there are people who are able to adapt things and have their fun, but maybe there are people like me (watched about 10-20 vids of threestarexperts once, twice.... going ingame trying -failed, trying -failed) okay, with about 80 attacks or more trying to threestar a maxed 12 and ,,no threestar,, I'm knowing, in this meta I'm unable to execute a planned attack which ends in a threestar and I'm not threestarred too by now.
    Today I did a planned attack at first, which ended in a onestar and a mindless spamattack which ends in a that's very nice gameplay, if you know you adapted some things over the last 5,5years and here you are: unable to learn, unable to adapt, and the worse unable to have fun because not so long ago, I threestarred often!!!
    So if it's the case that only eliteplayers should threestar in the future and I have to do my % cws which means every th 12 on both sides get 2* and every other th gets 3* - I'm not amused.

    And if there are many people writing about that the game is better this way, it's the same as rich people telling poor people how easy life is....
    Maybe this game should go this way, maybe some of us should leave the game and let it be fine for the elite warclans and some heros of writing about adapting everything.
    Let me guess, who spends the most money in this game?
    I just saw an article about cashflow of coc, hope this would get better with threestars for an exclusive part of the community, because I won't spend my money for getting more frustrated ,, and I don't say no one would,, it's SC's part to chose the way, if it's better to make a threestar difficult for eliteplayers and impossible for ,,normal skilled players,, 0,01% players -99,99% players, numbers could be 10%-90% too doesn't matter. The goal is earning money and I think the special elite part of the community is a minority against the ,,normal players,,
    What are some bans in the elite clans for? Were some caused by funny shopping things!? And how do some Clans of the elite climb the topten? With other funny things!? Maybe there's an elite in the elite ✌️

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    I truly believe they didn't nerf ice golem because it did so awful on the offensive end and is only useful on defense in the CC. It almost seems like a grasp to mantain some use for the troop so that it's not regarded as a complete failure.

    Like: "We thought it would be useful on offense and then it ended up being utterly useless and only useful on defense, but so useful on defense that it basically broke CC balance in such a way that not having 1-2 ice golems in your CC means you were at a distinct disadvantage than anyone else"

    I just had a war attack where my AQ walk died to one crossbow and one baby dragon. I was confused, watched the replay and noticed that the ice golem went behind my AQ and when it died it froze the healers as well. Why that's even a thing, is beyond me. That other thread that said Supercell shouldn't be afraid to admit they made a mistake applies to ice golem, tornado trap, and bat spells.

    They seem to be on a tear in terms of balance mistakes. The history behind skeleton spells should have triggered them to understand that bat spells would end up being the same way. The backlash to the shrink trap should have triggered them to reconsider how they approached tornado trap. The way that golems in general are useless on offense (single infernos destroy them and multi infernos just ignore them) should have alerted them that the ice golem would be useless on offense.

    It's kind of ridiculous.

    But let's nerf point defenses?? LOL

    Edit: One note that I failed to mention, bat spell actually ended up being in an okay spot so at least they fixed it with a number of nerfs/balance changes. Why they haven't done the same with IG/Tornado trap is just stupid. I mean they nerfed the cannon cart because everyone was using it, so why not nerf IG since everyone is using it in CC? Cmon now, at least be consistent.

    It's also possible that everything I mentioned in my post above is wrong. I don't know. I just don't like tornado trap and ice golem and I'll never let that stance go no matter what lol
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    Ice golems in the defending cc......that's an Eddie's army favorite choice, so sick of seeing witches, I MEAN SKELETONS!, it's so easy to read wars anymore, they all run at least one ice golem in them....the remedy, an air siege and ground heros deployed after the cc has been destroyed, my clan has been loving this until things change down the road

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    The way I see it, they have a couple options as far as ice golems go.
    1. Reduce freeze duration and increase DPS and HP by a generous amount. It would be very unwise imo to simply reduce freeze duration and not touch any other specs.
    2. Raise housing space. It's already pushing it's worth at 15 spaces, so they'd need to tread very lightly if they're toying with this idea.

    This might be their toughest task yet in 2019. How do you balance a useless offensive troop that's too OP on defense? Any decrease in stats for defensive balancing purposes (freeze duration included) makes it even more useless on offense.

    Good luck dev team
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