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Thread: SQU4D Is Now Recruiting TH7+ | Clan LVL 3

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    SQU4D Is Recruiting TH7+ | Clan LVL 4

    Hi, we will be happy to have you in our clan, we are the SQU4D
    Clan tag- #22CRRYLQ0
    Level 4 Clan
    Discord Chat:
    75% War Win

    We started this clan as a group of friends, but we are looking to get more serious adult players so we started recruiting players. We are a mature and friendly clan which is recruiting active and loyal players. Join da Squad!

    We are an active level 4 clan with experienced players of different town halls, who wars constantly, nearly maxes clan games and works together as a team to grow both individually and as a clan. We are from America and looking for other players in our timezone.

    Here some clan rules:

    ■ We welcome all town hall levels above 7 (non rushed).
    ■ English speaking only.
    ■ Donate what is requested.
    ■ No begging for troops.
    ■ No free promotions.

    ■ Opt out when needed, while upgrading spell factories or heroes.
    ■ We understand everyone got a life and could be busy, so let us know or opt out.
    ■ No pressure for 3 star attacks.
    ■ If you are in war use both attacks, otherwise will be demoted
    ■ Attack as per your target aligned, the first attack to be done within first 12 hours and second is back up. Do not attack targets outside of your ability.
    ■ Th7 and below must use both attacks in first 12 hrs or as soon as possible.

    Clan Games:
    Must get 1500 points. What we believe is it's not just taking rewards by doing 1 or 2 challenges, it's the hard work of who did max points so the min is 1500. If u are busy just let us know or don't start a challenge.

    What we can offer you:
    ■ Guidance and help from experienced players.
    ■ We can donate you max troops for war and as high as possible for regular attacks.
    ■ Active chat and friendly atmosphere.

    Elder is earned by participating in Clan Games, Wars, and donating troops.

    Please share
    Town Hall level :
    Level of Archers :
    In game name (IGN) :
    Current level :

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    All are welcome!

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