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Thread: MODERN SPARTAN Is Recruiting | Friendly Warring Clan in USA

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    Come check us out

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    You stop by to check it out, you stay because it's home

  3. #173
    Bump! Bump, I tell you!!!

  4. #174
    Sharpen your blades mates! it is time to get them bloody! To War!!!!

  5. #175
    Another war victory for Modern Spartans!

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    Everything is about to get busy again. Clan games, month end, and CWLs are in the pipeline. It's a good time to be in a great clan!

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    It's peanut butter jelly time in our clan! Where you at? Where you at?

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    Yawn! ... I think I will start a war tonight ;-)

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    And now the very long wait for war to start ...

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    Come get you some!! Clan Games are on!!

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