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Thread: MODERN SPARTAN Is Recruiting | Friendly Warring Clan in USA

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    Do you know what Friday means to us? Time to pick a fight!

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    Picked a fight. Now is the calm before the storm. We are preparing for battle. Wish you were here

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    If you are wanting to join MODERN SPARTAN while we are at war, you must use the code word "Crimson" in your request. We reject all others to prevent spying.

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    The smoke has cleared. The ashes have settled. Modern Spartan walks away with another victory! Wish you were here

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    bump bump
    bump bump bump
    bump bump

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    Only a few hours until Clan Games start! If you are not in a clan that will achieve top tier, better get over here quick

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    75,000!!! The new Clan Games ceiling is 75k! Can your clan make top tier???

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    We are tearing up these clan games! Where are you?!

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    Clan Games & War are going well. Almost to top tier! I just kicked some inactive so we have several spots open now.

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    Another war victory and only 1,500 Clan Game points left until top tier! Woot!

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