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Thread: MODERN SPARTAN Is Recruiting | Friendly Warring Clan in USA

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    MODERN SPARTAN Is Recruiting | Friendly Warring Clan in USA

    We are MODERN SPARTAN!!! (#82JCRJPG)

    I am Dean (Leader, IGN Dino The Mighty). We are a level 14 clan in the USA. We have a nice core of players that are growing and learning fast. We are a farming/war clan. There are some minors in our clan, so crass and foul language is not tolerated. We do not have an age restriction, but we do need you to act mature. We are big on donating and expect you to donate often. We are friendly and do not tolerate trash talking each other. We war every weekend & have been in every CWL, and take it seriously. Please be able to use (or at least willing to learn) multiple attack strategies, and when to use them. Our first attacks are assigned, then second attack is coordinated clean up. Our highest members fill the War Map troop donations. You are expected to use your attacks. If you cannot be in an upcoming war, opt out or let us know well before prep day starts. We always achieve top tier in Clan Games. Do not expect Elder for at least a month of proving yourself. We are easy going, active, and helpful. We have a sort of family feel to us, and many of us personally know each other. We do not dictate. As we grow and improve, we will be raising our requirements. Right now is a great time to come grow with us.

    Clan Perks:
    Donation request wait time – 10 minutes
    Donation limit – 9 troops, 2 spells
    Donation refund – 50% cost
    Donation upgrade – 2 levels
    Treasury extra storage – 50%
    War bonus extra loot – 25%

    If you agree with these rules and would like to check us out, just search for our Clan Tag, #82JCRJPG to find MODERN SPARTAN. We switch to “Invite Only” during war time, so if you want to join while we are at war, your request will need to mention the word “CRIMSON”.
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