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Thread: MODERN SPARTAN Is Recruiting | Friendly Warring Clan in USA

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    Because of the new incentive, we have hit top tier, but we are not slowing down lol. There is no telling how many points we will end up with! :-P

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    Ack!! We went from a boring period to a very very active & exciting period real quick like!! Half price buildings & walls, count down to Town Hall 13, Clan Games, CWLs coming quick, and the end of the challenges coming even quicker!! Woohoo!!!!

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    Guys, when we are at war, we switch to 'Invite Only'. If you send us an join request while we are at war, it must say "Crimson" in it. Without that word, it just gets ignored and denied.

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    We can't hardly keep up with the onslaught of resources!! Our builders are going to form a union and go on strike!

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    With this Dark Elixir discount, it is like raiding with awesome troops nearly for free!!!

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    Yeah, I need like 7 or 8 more builders. This awesome discount, dirt cheap troops, plus season challenges ending. Time for SuperCell to make a few extra bucks with people buying gems lol

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    It's a great time to be in a great clan! Try us out for a couple of days

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    Clan War won, now to kick some butt in the CWLs!!! Woot!!!

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    CWLs starting off great! We only have 2 openings in the clan currently. Get in while you can

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    1 - 0 so far in CWLs!

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