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Thread: MODERN SPARTAN Is Recruiting | Friendly Warring Clan in USA

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    Your Crimson cloak is waiting

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    bump bump bump

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    We have 4 slots open right now!

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    Only a couple of days until clan games begin. Join us, we always get top tier!

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    We are off to war again tonight woot

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    guys please remember that if you want in while we are at war, you gotta include the word "Crimson" or you will be rejected

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    Rune of Dark Elixir is being rewarded at the top tier of these Clan Games!!! Hope you are in a clan that will get top tier like us

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    bump bump bump

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    Put that Dark Rune in my hands!!! Top tier almost reached already

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    I just kicked a couple of inactive people so we have a couple more openings

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