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Thread: Lv174 TH11 and smaller TH8 account both active players looking for (good) clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApocalypseNow1979 View Post
    Hi all,

    We are two very active players looking for an equally active clan which does active wars, hits top in clan games and has an active donation cycle. Also it would be nice if it were a lv10+ clan to show this.

    The Th11 account was made in around 2014 and the TH8 account was created in summer 2018.

    We are looking for a UK clan that fills these categories.

    PM me for any offers.


    Hi Apocalypse !

    If you meet the following requirements, you can get a spot in Beasts !

    1: 25k+ Friend in Need (FIN)
    2: [Th9/ Lv9 walls/ Lv15 AQ & Lv15 BK]
    3: [Th10/ Lv9 walls/ Lv20 AQ & Lv20 BK]
    4: [Th11/ Lv9 walls/ Lv25 AQ & Lv25 BK]
    5: [Th12/ Lv9 walls/ Lv30 AQ & Lv30 BK]

    Invictus Beasts is the highest donating clan of the Invictus Family! Requests are filled within seconds and you will never get short of troops. Invictus Beasts have a system in place to ensure all troop requests are filled as fast as possible! No wonder Beasts have members donating from 10K – 30K per season.

    We are part of the well-known Invictus Family which are :- Beasts, Lords, Fire, Realm & Noble. All these clans are Lv15+ and is home for of many Gold Grab billionaires, MAXED TH12 players, Legends Trophy pushers, High-Leveled clashers (Lvl 200 +), 3-star specialists and insane donators! We first started as one clan helping new players by donating them free troops, some actually ended up joining us.

    And yes, wars at Beasts 24/7 which they're optional of course, but taken seriously as each contender are expected to follow a War Plan, made by our dedicated War Team & to use both of their raids accordingly. We ensure wars are done as smoothly as possible & in an organized way.

    Of course, there is people from all around the globe to have a friendly chat with you whenever you want. At a certain time, you’ll even find up to 15 people online! You will be able to clash in a friendly & fun environment, surrounded by passionate active clashers!

    Well if this is the kind of clan you want to be part of, do inform me whether you are or are not interested though!
    You can also contact me on LINE for other queries. My LINE ID is: cyproxblade.

    You can also check us out in our official forum thread:
    Our clan tag is: #8OQ2G8UC

    Hoping to hear from you soon!

    Cyprox Blade.
    Leader & Recruiter
    Cyprox Blade - TH12 - Lv226 - Clan Leader
    Invictus Beasts : Lv17 FairPlay farming/ donating clan - Optional relaxed wars - High donations - Th11+
    Apply in-game OR on Discord :
    Invictus clans:- Lords/Beasts/Fire/Nobles/Realm

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    Join us (BD Bangaledsh Kings). not great attackers though

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