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Thread: Someone took ownership of the neighbourhood

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    Someone took ownership of the neighbourhood

    Someone took ownership of our neighbourhood. We don’t know how. He just promoted himself. What should we do?
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    What do u mean?

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    If the leader has been inactive for 30 days leadership is automatically assigned to the next player that has been there the longest. This change was made to help Neighborhoods that have been abandoned by their leaders.

    All you can do is contact the new leader and ask them to relinquish leadership back to the original leader. The leader has the ability to demote themselves & give leadership to anyone.

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    To clarify what SilverRaptor stated, the new leadership should go to the longest serving co-leader.

    That being said, when this change was first introduced there was a glitch that caused the wrong person to be promoted. And the leader only needed to be absent (not signed in) for 2 weeks. The time limit changed and the glitch was fixed, but there was no way to put right those NHs that were initially affected.

    The best one can do is ask for leadership back, or leave and create a new NH. Hopefully some of your long time neighbors would follow.
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    A few questions.
    Is the leader active?
    Is this a person who has been in the neighborhood long?
    Is the neighborhood set to "anyone can join"?

    If you don't feel good about the situation perhaps you should add everyone you know and play the game well with to be your in game friend. Leave the neighborhood, start your own, and invite them all to join you in the new neighborhood. I also might contact customer support and tell them the details of what happened.
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    Well thats really not ok... i just found out today that i also lost ownership of my neighborhood because i have been inactive for some time because of illness. It should really be fixed because it could happend that we risc that “the new leader” kick the real owner out of the neigborhood and when we return to the game, we come back to nothing..
    the argument with inactivity is not valid, because if it bothers the members so much if their leader aint there for some time, they can just leave and join another neighborhood... its really not fair to say that i as the right owner just can leave and make a new neighborhood when i normally is very active accept for this one time and have put a lot of work into creating a good neighborhood... where is the fairness in that?
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