What up, my game name is Si Doel, and you can check my tag #22UQ9CUL9 on your device.

Founder: Si Doel | Highest Trophy: 6282 | Best Season: #677 in the world with 6196 cups | Level 223 | 95 percent maxed TH 12 base.

I am an old clash of clan player. I am 27 years of age and resides in Los Angeles California. I have been in many clans, winning a whopping of 1726 war stars. Today, I want to pursue my dream in the clash to start an Adult only clan.

The requirement to join the clan is to be twenty one or above. My current goal is to gather a group of good adult players twenty one or above with high trophy counts, and war stars.

One goal is to have the composition of the clan composite of fun, passionate, easy going adults. We endeavor to offer a no drama environment where folks can enjoy the game without pressure.

I just started my clan two days ago, and I believe the clan will prosper. The clan grew from me alone to twenty-two active members (they are not that good tho). My goal on this post is to gain talented players titan or above with an excellent reputation in war as well as the maturity to the clan.

Wars are strictly required at first but will become optional and relaxed in the future. The reason is to gain a high reputation in terms of competing in war and to reach Champion I level as soon as possible. Skills are activeness is crucial in the early days. Once it reached the standard of a "good clan," then it will transform into a relax conversation ADULT ONLY clan.

Wars are given 24 hours notice before a war starts.

WE STRICTLY FORBID ANY ENGINEERED OR RUSHED BASES. Currently, there are a lot of "rushed" players in the clan, and THEY WILL BE KICK when people start joining.

Please apply with your age and country you're from; this is an international clan all adults across the globe are welcome. You must also give loyalty to the clan if you'll leave or hop around then DON'T.

For those who joined the clan in the early stages, the creation of a great clan you'll receive utmost respect and governing position in the clan.

Please help!