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Thread: Attacking at th 10

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    Attacking at th 10

    This really bothers me is the siege machine there is no type of troop combo now a days that can three star another th10 without being a (pro) or (odd off the wall troop combos no one knows) or having a siege machine; please add it so th10 can make sieges or easier to do past army comps like gowipe or a combo of a gowipe and hog attack that's what I did before the game became unbalanced for a th10 account that's still crawling out from being rushed with a lower level clan that has only one th 12 that can make the siege machine this makes poeple like me have to make another new account and rush that base to th 12 just to be able to donate a siege machine to a base I have worked and am working hard on. I have other ideas on the game to, but this makes poeple, loyal players hate the game when we all know in my opinion this is the best game on mobile at the moment.
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    It is not just TH10, TH11 and TH12 are the same. Same level have a hard time beating a max TH of their level.

    TH9 is so easy to 3* that when you get to TH10 you think you suck. In the last CWL I counted how many people beat a max TH of there level (either team) and it was very low.
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