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Thread: Canít load game

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    Question Canít load game

    I have a new tablet which runs android go (Oreo) before setting this up I set up supercell ID on my old tablet and can still access the game on the old tablet.

    However, the new one will not load. The screen appears to log in with supercell ID, I log in, game begins to load yet it gets to the end and crashes.

    Ive done a force close, retried but crashed. Iíve uninstalled the game twice and retried but again crashed.

    While i I can still access my village on the old tablet, does anybody know why this is crashing? Can this version of android run the game? Is it related to any issues with Supercell ID?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hey there,
    that has nothing to do with supercell id.

    android go was supposed for low end devices (which one is yours?). But this business model has turned out to be a dead end. anyway..
    check your RAM, maybe you dont have enough.

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    Thanks I read up on this Go version after posting and found out the same thing. I’ll return the tablet and get a different one.

    thanks, this can be closed.

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