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Thread: I need help please :)

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    I need help please :)

    I have this issue that I canít get into a neighborhood that I made around 4 years ago... I decided to take a break and let my friend become leader. I have started playing again but now the neighborhood requires me to be lvl 80 to join, I am lvl 46 at the moment. I was wondering if there was a way that I could add the leader as a friend and contact them somehow, I believe she would remember me and let me join the neighborhood and friends that I enjoyed playing with. The neighborhood is named The Crazy Mice #LQPRGCQ It would mean so much if someone could help me contact anyone in the neighborhood, thank you

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    try new post with calling The Crazy Mice in title - that has a better chance of being seen

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    You can try changing your Farm Name to reflect the request as well. Something like - crazy mice, pls invite - might work. Then look to help some of your previous members that are on your friend list so that they see it.
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    Hope you find your old hood. If you have some of the members as friends that would be a way back. As someone said if you change your farm name and put crazy mice as stated above that would help, an old member of my hood did the same and I dropped the level required to get them back in. Hope you are successful good luck

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    Hereís a thought. Some farms have offered to allow their baby farms to travel to help out other hoods. Maybe one of them would be willing to travel to the crazy mice hood and deliver your message and farm tag so they know you want to come back? How about it you happy wanderers? Want to do a fellow forumite a favor? PM them for their farm name and tag and go on a mission! What fun! Then let us know how it all turns out! Weíll be watching!
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