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    Just remember this post the day you find yourself matched against a real war clan with all manicured bases and you loose by over 10 stars because no one can 3 star their near mirrors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rascal2013 View Post
    I have a 100% 8v8 3-star rate with minis over the last 2 months.
    Me too, but players playing th8 for the first time have a harder time with it. That is who th8 should be balanced for not, us. Also, since th8 is so easy to get to, it should have a high 3 star rate for first time players. Additionally, it is much easier to get to an advanced th8 now than it was back when I played th8 for the first time, meaning th8 players now have less experience than they used to. It should be even easier than it was for me the first time I played th8 years ago since today’s th8s have less experience on average than they did years ago. Again, I’m referring to first time th8 players. I think all balance decisions should be made with first time players in mind, never on players playing the hall level for a second or more time (and not on perma-maxers either).
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