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Thread: Idea: Have visiting customers offer trades instead of coins

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    Idea: Have visiting customers offer trades instead of coins

    Since the visiting customers don't offer as much in coin as you can get on the market, I think it would be great if they would offer to barter for different items.

    For example, instead of offering to buy 12 eggs for 134 coins, a visiting customer might offer to trade 12 eggs for a pancake or a carrot pie, something of similar "level" that is still under max market value but may be useful to the player.

    This would be useful to high level players as well who don't need coin but would benefit from being able to trade items with the visitors.

    Thanks for reading!

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    I think that would add interest to the game.
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    Awwww then I would have to pay attention to them!
    I like this idea. Except for the little girl who always seems to want axes and TnT for her "grandma". She bothers me.
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