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Thread: [Recruiting] [Merger] Level 14 Clan looking for active members

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    [Recruiting] [Merger] Level 14 Clan looking for active members

    MYtH | Clan Tag: #P9PG9P82

    As a level 14 international clan, our core is a group of experienced players willing to help and nurture fellow clan mates. We guarantee clan integrity and stability. We have members from all over the globe who are active and willing to help you. Let it be donations or just advise on wars, builds, upgrades and so on. Our players are friendly and supportive. We conduct wars back to back.

    We are currently looking for smaller clans to merge into our's and also recruiting loyal players. No specific requirements to join. Just need to be mature and fun to get along.

    Feel free to DM me here to discuss further.


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    Zorathus we are in a similar position, but needing replacements for CWL. If you want to research clan is All Team and my ingame is Bobadit (#98828QPC9). Have sent you ingame friend request and will try and send a base to your clan

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    hi you can check out my clan zigzags too. we are a lvl 16 clan looking to recruit some decent players who help with clan games and cwls. active with donations too. we are in the asia timezone but hv folks from uk n us too. do check us out #PLV8VPU8

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