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Thread: Derby reserving

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    Derby reserving

    I wish we were able to reserve a task on derby board for a certain amount of time say 1hour as at present put down in conversation if we want to reserve but sometimes theres been a lot of conversation it gets missed , this allows us to start production or preparation for the next task whilst finishing one off.

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    Our neighborhood grew this week and some of our new folks are quite chatty. I have started putting any task request in the messaging as soon as I see it in chat. As soon as the task is taken I delete the message. This is the first derby that we are trying this and so far so good. No swipped task, no accidental deletions. However, being able to put a hold on a task would be GREAT. However, with large neighborhoods, I see an issue with lots of tasks being called leaving nothing on the board for the rest of the neighborhood to do. So maybe if Hay Day moved the tasks down or limited the number of tasks that could be put on hold. I am all for the time limit too, if you don't take it, it returns to the board for the next person.
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    Please can i have all town and mining tssks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PedrosPlotThickens View Post
    Please can i have all town and mining tssks.
    Exactly... there are pros and cons to this issue. While it is great to be able to prep ahead, it is also frustrating if someone else has also prepped the same task. We have never allowed reserving tasks. As stated by Pedro, there are always those to take advantage. We find itís just better to leave it first come first served.
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    There are some tasks that are unpopular - 12 people to be served in the b&b, then you dont get b&b people comes to mind - these usually get trashed ... but someone might be well placed to do that task so one of two things might happen.
    1. I would ask if anyone wants the xxxxxxxx task, please reply before 3pm (gmt) ... after which it gets trashed.
    2. A note goes up please dont trash xxxxxxxx task.

    The dont trash doesnt reserve the task - someone else can still take it.

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    Reserving may seem like a good idea, however, in a large hood, where there are more players than tasks on the board I would not be a fan. In small NHs, chat or other communication is often used for this purpose, even if there is no official way to lock it in.
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