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Thread: Speculations: Builder Hall 9 (+ opinions on BH, and new content that you expect)

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    I expect AT LEAST a new hero along with the default new troop n defs we generally get with a new BH level.

    social features are very desirable. I mean more ways to interact with and help your clan using your BB
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    People still play builder base? I thought everyone would be bored sitting on max villages and having nothing to upgrade for months on end. Would be interesting to see the numbers

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    I expect it won’t happen this year. Reverse psychology at its best!
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    BH village leaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemann8478 View Post
    2) Add greater risk/reward. Allow for resources to be lost, or for players to bet a certain amount of resources. If they lose, their opponent gets said resources and the player loses them. If they win, they get back double of what they bet.
    That's all I can think of for now.
    But then bh 8 players could just drop trophies and then always bet everything they got and always win

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    I suspect something like this

    Credits: Reddit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truthahn View Post
    But then bh 8 players could just drop trophies and then always bet everything they got and always win
    That is true. Thank you for pointing that out.
    My idea would include caps per tier on how much you could wager, so it wouldn't be anything ridiculous like 1 million.
    The lower tiers would have lower cap wagers to discourage bh8s from dropping low.
    Of course, there would be those that would do that regardless.
    There would also be a set amount of wagers you can make per day. Just like you only get loot for 3 wins a day, something similar: 5 wagers a day, 3 a day, 7 a day, whatever.
    Also, I was just throwing out the idea due to the fact most pvp oriented games have a risk/reward system in place.
    Would like to see something like that omplemented for the bb since SC did state they want it more pvp oriented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelms View Post
    I suspect something like this

    Credits: Reddit

    Wish they would make the clock tower more interesting to look at!

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