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    Wow but when its update came am so exited for this update

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    I mean, as long as it's good for players what is there to worry about?

    This update is good, definitely.

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    There is a reason why we have books and hammers in this game. It is to fill that gap you are talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Troop Training Costs

    Heck yeah! Thanks to the peeps at SC for this deduction in training prices for Edrags and spells.
    At TH11 my farming combination (many a times war combination aswell) is 7 Edrags 8 Loons and a baby drag whereas the spells are 4 rages and 3 freezes. Problem is this cost me approx. 450,000 elixir. So everytime I attack I have to set my loot raid bar high so that I can save on elixir for warden and other troop upgrades.
    So thanks for this balancing.
    Good to see that supercell is touching on key issues these times. 😂

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starfishlol View Post
    Dude that's not the case. The real reason they are reducing costs and upgrade times is because they have released Th12 which includes tons of upgrades. Plus they said th13 is also in their wishlist which I think is getting out this year or maybe next. The thing is with so many stuffs to upgrade the time required to reach the highest TH keeps increasing which discourages new players. And there is nothing wrong with a gaming company trying to recruit new players for their game by making game progression a little easier.
    Lol if th13 is out Im done with COC 😂😂😂 spending 4 nearly 5 straight years on this game.

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    The reduction cost looks like a prep for a new townhall level

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    That may not be the case

    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Even if we wanted to do a TH13 for this update, there is no way we could do that during the ESL qualifiers. It would change the competitive landscape in a major way, and wouldn't allow players to max out their accounts.

    No TH13 is coming in this update. So let's end the speculation now.

    Here are the things NOT coming in this update:

    • TH13
    • Solution to the Clouds
    • BH9
    • Your own personal Lach to come do evening turndown service.

    Quote Originally Posted by k3L View Post
    The reduction cost looks like a prep for a new townhall level
    Glory Glory Manchester United!

    Kolkata_Gangs - #YYQCGR00

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    Nice changes.

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    Some very nice changes to the lower townhall players. I guess thatís a ď Good job team!Ē

    My only issue I have is training troop times. I feel electro dragons could of definitely down with a decrease in time. I also feel higher end hereos need some reduction in healing. You canít even boost your army as your hereos are just taking too long to heal in line with troops. Please look into it

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    Damn, another reduction , I remember those days when I maxed my queen and king many times, like 40, then 45, 50, and now 60, each time a full dark needed . Lol!!

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