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Thread: Hd time Zone feature (*a Potential Big Change in look*)

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    Hd time Zone feature (*a Potential Big Change in look*)

    I was sent here to make a forum account and to post this idea from Anastasia from helpshift... but in regards to this Potential big idea of mine i honestly would love opinions on the topic and supercell ! of a realtime time zone sunlight/moonlight rotation effect and also changing the way the sun is positioned (we've had the same sun light position since the game came out) with technology changing in-game scenery i feel like this can be a big thing..i for one would love to see the ocean sparkle as the sun is positioned on the ocean like a horizon. And seeing the same for moonlight ...ik this can be accomplished..and i hope this idea will be seen for many to think about..Clash On! ~ MetallicUnicorn
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