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    Reddit AMA March 2019

    First post by Darian:
    Hey Reddit Clashers, and everyone else who's visiting for this round of Ask Me Anything. I'm Darian, one of the Community Managers for Clash of Clans and we're here to answer your deepest burning questions about Clash of Clans. However, as stated in the earlier announcement, with the road to the Clash World Championships with ESL starting (and with many rounds of qualifiers) we'd really love to answer your questions about the Championships as well! We're really excited to bring Clash of Clans to the world stage and provide a battleground to prove once and for all, which Clan is the best in the world and which Clans are worthy to take home the $1M prize pool!
    Of course, we're happy to answer any questions you might have about the game in general!
    It's currently 6:50pm. I've created this post and I'll let the questions populate a bit, gobble down a couple slices of leftover pizza, and I'll start answering your questions at 7pm.

    Alright! It's 7pm and I'm about to get bizzeh. Give me a second to read through the questions and I'll answer as fast as I can! Here we go!

    EDIT 1: It's 8:30pm. I'm still answering questions. I have to give my system a quick reboot so there'll be a short 5 to 10 minute intermission while I sort some of these issues out.
    Edit 2: System reboot successful. I'm back. Thanks for waiting.
    Edit 3: it's 9:35pm and it looks like things are slowing down a bit. I'll keep answering questions for about 20 more minutes before calling it a night.
    Edit 4: Ok folks, it's 10pm. I think 3 hours is a good amount of time. I apologize for not answering ever single question but many of them are duplicates of questions I've already answered. So if your question wasn't answered, I recommend checking through the comments to find the ones I answered already.
    As always, thank you everyone for allowing us to share some info with you all. If you missed the QoL announcement I posted, you can find it here. This is the first time we've announced this QoL so it's an exclusive for Reddit.
    Have a great night everyone (or day, wherever you are) and we'll do this again soon!
    ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I got the date wrong on the developer video. It's not due out next week, it's due out the week after next.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    No TH13 is coming in this update. So let's end the speculation now.

    Here are the things NOT coming in this update:

    • TH13
    • Solution to the Clouds
    • BH9
    • Your own personal Lach to come do evening turndown service.

    Main Village/Balance:
    Question: Has Supercell considered: 1)Making a 3rd chat tab for people to post their Friendly Challenges in? 2) Allowing a player to always make his base FC able by clicking a check box?
    It's not a functionality we've discussed, as we feel there are a ton of other improvements we can do in the meantime. We do feel the FC UI does need some improvement. But it's not on any checklist at the moment.
    Question: Can we have 2 separate troop queues so we can switch between armies quickly?
    This is one of the most frequently asked for QoL changes. It's something I have passed on to the dev team multiple times. They do give me weird eyebrow raises each time I bring it up, but that's not necessarily a bad thing either. I can't give a guarantee it'll happen, but I promise it's something I've pushed for numerous times on behalf of the community.
    Question: I have also noticed an abundance of dark elixir in multiplayer matches. Have you guys noticed that too? Are you considering allowing lvl13 (max) walls to be built using DE also?
    We've discussed the DE Walls and at this juncture is a unanimous "no". Sinking DE into Walls would create a massive drought of DE that would be sucked out of the in-game economy. We want that DE to be lootable because it's such a rarer resource than Gold or Elixir.
    Question: Can we have a feature that allows us to attack our own bases like in friendly challenges?
    This is a pretty popular request and it's one I've given the dev team. Apart from that, there's no discussion on implementing on something like this just yet.
    Question: What are the team's thoughts on making instant gem donations cost 1 or 2 gems for every troop?
    We've got some ideas for that. That's all I can say at this time.
    Question: Pre-Th12 update vs now, what are your thoughts on the game balance?
    It's an apples to oranges comparison. So little content came out before TH12 so balance was done at a snail's pace. The meta was relatively unchanging for a long time so it was easier to keep an eye on army trends. However, over the past 2 years, more content is coming out and it's not slowing down so we're keeping ourselves busy with trying to stay on top of the balancing act. However, nothing beats real world data, so we have a lot of reports that come in on troop usage, success rates, etc. Sometimes the only way we can balance is reactively.
    Question: My question isn't how can we make Pekkas great again, but greater?
    PEKKA was always one of my favorite troops, and she's one of the most iconic units from the game. I am absolutely in favor of finding a way to increase her utility in the Main Village. I say give her rocket boosters in her feet to make her leap over Walls. Missile launcher horns to tackle air units, and laser swords to cleave through enemy buildings as if they were butter. Who's with me?!?!??!?!?! Ok why am I alone in this room?
    When it comes to troop utility and balancing, we have to look at what TH level and trophy range they have utility at. If a troops is really good at TH9 or TH10, if we make it also useful at TH12, does that decrease the utility of other units at that level? It's an interesting question, but making troops useful at all TH levels is incredibly challenging.
    Question: will we be seeing new hero levels by the end of this year?
    Good question. Who knows? Is that a tricky way of asking if more TH content is coming? ;-)
    Question: will the cost of lvl 13 walls reduce to like 4M?
    We don't have any Wall price balancing coming in this next update, especially after we drastically reduced the prices of Walls last year.
    Question: th12 defense has gone/caught up while the offense is stagnant,( 3rd inferno, ice golem in defensive cc,tornado trap) it has become more and more tougher to 3 star a th12. will there be any buffs to the current offense? and if when will we be able to see the buffs?
    Unfortunately, I can only give the standard PR-esque reply to this: We try to keep an eye on balance as the game is live. It's a constant push/pull battle between offense and defense. We don't want it to skew heavily one way or the other, but it will wobble in one direction every now and then.
    Question: What do you think about the present game state, particularly ice golem being OP in defense but somewhat useless in offence?
    We're aware of it.
    Question: Will we get another seige machine with this update, since you mentioned two more new seige machines are in way, while introducing first two?
    No new Siege Machines are planned for this next update. You guys just got the Stone Slammer! I'd say it'll be a while before the next new Siege Machine is introduced.
    Question: Has there been any talk about a new hero as we progress with further town halls? I understand that you cant give any actual information, I am just curious if there has been talk, or if the team is content with the three we currently have?
    We would LOVE to introduce a new Hero at some point. It's been too long since we did introduce a new one. Although we have to be very careful about HOW we implement a new one. We've seen the hundreds of ideas on how to manage this, and we've got our own ideas on what we'd like to do as well. I won't give anything official away, but the chances of seeing a new Hero in the future is well...pretty Heroic.
    Question: Can we have more Army builds to Save please
    This is something we would like to add. I don't think it's coming in this next update, but I know we've discussed adding it at some point in a near future update.
    Question: Are there any plans to add new levels, or any buffs/needs to electric dragons? Also, any plans for any kind of new defenses/ DE Troops? Also, as a nearly maxed th12 (damn walls), are there any major upcoming changes for us?
    I don't believe any balance changes are being applied to the Electro Dragons in the next update. As far as major upcoming changes, we definitely won't have a 2.5 year drought in between new Town Hall levels like we did between TH11 and TH12. So hopefully we'll have new content out much faster.
    Question: With the recent buff to goblins and mortars, max goblins are still a few hp short from surviving a max mortar shot even with max warden life aura, will this be addressed in the next balance update? Also will archers also get an HP buff since barbs and gobs also got one?
    I don't believe Archers will receive any additional balancing in the next update.
    Question: Is the team satisfied with the balance of the latest additions to the game? (ice golem, bat spell, stone slammer)
    A game team is NEVER happy with game balance. It's a constant game of building a better mouse trap. We try to build one, and you guys and gals keep coming up with smarter mice. In other words, when we balance the game the players will always try to find a way to use it to their advantage, forcing us to do additional balance changes.
    Question: Is th13 currently in the works?
    In the event we do add a TH13, no we haven't started on it yet.
    Question: There has been a lot of outcry from the community about the tornado trap, are there any plans to balance this trap?
    We're looking at the Tornado Trap's balance. I don't have any reports from the dev team if any changes are being implemented yet.
    Question: are there any new regular elixir spells ?
    No new Spells are being released in this update.
    Question: Have there been any discussions focusing on new troops, spells or siege?
    [/QUOTE] There are always discussions on new units. There are tons of units and spells that go through early testing that never make it into the game. We once had an idea for a Goblin Glider. It was a Goblin on a hanglider. They would fly in and drop on resource storages with little knives. But in the end they were too spammy. [QUOTE]
    Question: Any thoughts on people "extremely rushing" (i.e. TH12 with all level 1 Buildings)?
    If you are referring to rushing, people are free to play however they want. If you're referring to 'engineering', we've put some systems in place to try and counter the idea of people trying to game the system to create a lopsided match.

    Clan Wars/Friendly Wars/CWL/ESL:
    Question: Do you consider revamping the normal war system also? Not that it's not working good already, but I would like more incentives for people to join the war. Have you considered altering the bonus loot or anything similar?
    We're still analyzing the data on player behavior regarding normal Wars vs War Leagues. It's what led us to develop the 30v30 War Leagues for the next update. With regards to normal Wars, part of the issue is the sheer variety of rosters that Clans will enter with. So there is some streamlining we can do with the matchmaking system.
    Question: Still no bug fixes or QoL changes to the friendly war system in the nearby future?
    You'll have to be more specific as to what bugs you're referring to. Though we do agree that the workflow/functionality of the Friendly Wars UI leaves a lot to be desired. Yeah it's a bug that players have just been "dealing with" for a while. It needs to be fixed, I agree. It won't get fixed in this next update, but hopefully in the next one after that we can deal with it.
    Question: Has the dev team considered to make an in game platform where you can find opponents for friendly wars?
    It's not something we've looked into given that our focus has been leading up to the Clan War Leagues.
    Question: I know this has been asked for several times before, but with the next QoL changes coming, has Supercell consider the possibility of using no-cook armies for friendly challenges/ friendly wars? (Time and/or ressources wise) Like a sort of tab were you build up an army instantaneously for friendly battles without it to interfere with your actual troops and spells in your camps.
    It has been considered. I won't say it's something that'll be implemented though. You're more likely to get a second queue for a second army before getting a no-cook army.
    Question: Is taking substitutes allowed for World Championship? For instance, let's say I am part of a Clan that takes part during qualifiers and say my team makes it to play live in Poland, but I can't travel there. In such cases, would it be allowed for someone else to take my place, travel to Poland and obviously play from their own account for the team?
    Per the ESL rulebook: 1.9.1 Team Size. A team can only have 5 players in their active lineup. No changes are allowed throughout the same tournament phase. In outstanding cases teams may be allowed to change the minority (no more than 2 out of the 5 players) of a team only between the different phases of the competition. Such intentions shall be communicated to the admin team as soon as they are known via a support ticket. Based on time and other factors such requests may be denied instantly. Link to full Rulebook:
    Question: Are there any plans to add new War Slot layouts specifically for CWL, possibly to be purchased with gems?
    Adding additional war layouts is something we're considering. I'd have to check with the team, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's something that came this year.
    Question: Will we ever have an in-game Top Leaderboard for CWL, and be it acessible anytime, similiar like we can see the current Top Clans/Players by Trophy ranking?
    Yes! If you look at my recent post here, you'll see we have a leader board coming in the next update.
    Question: Is there any schedule of the livestreams for the upcoming ESL matches?
    March - August: each month's last Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4pm-8pm CET
    Question: How far do you envision Clash of Clans as an esport can go?
    The Clan War Leagues is our esports moment. What makes it interesting is that a game almost 7 years old is still able to generate this level of interest in a competitive scene. Partnering with ESL has been a great experience, since they have the pedigree to help run these events. As far as where do we see it going? Let's just get through our first World Championship and let us crown the first "world's best Clan" before we start going beyond that.
    Question: What influenced the team to launch the esport facet of the game?
    We've always wanted to create a competitive environment for Clan Wars. Truth be told, it was long overdue. The team sat down about a year and half ago, and we wanted to roadmap where we wanted the game to go. We had thought about releasing the War Leagues back then, but with players having no new content to upgrade, we wanted to give them a reason to compete. But we also realized that the path to upgrading is a long and arduous one so we introduced Magic Items. This kept pushing the League feature back until we felt the players were in a good spot to be able to compete. The next step is to give more incentive to keep upgrading and we've got some changes coming out pretty soon.
    Question: What do the dev team want the hit rates to be for the different top town hall lvl’s of the game in the competitive scene? Like what do you think the ideal average hit rates for 10v10, 11v11 and 12v12 would be in the competitive leagues?
    Just so I understand what you're asking, are you referring to the success rate at those TH levels? That's a really interesting question. I don't know what the "hard numbers" are for what the designers feel is ideal for hit rates between TH10 vs TH11, TH10 vs TH10, TH12 vs TH12, and every combination in between. We try to keep an eye on the data curves and see how balance changes affect those curves.
    A good example was how the Bat Spell was balanced. Yes I know it's a touchy subject, but is a good example of how it can affect hit rates and one of many ways we approach game balance. When we did the second round of Bat Spell nerfs, it was because of the insanely high number of successful hits that not just TH12 vs TH12's were able to do but also lower TH levels were pulling off abnormally high successes against TH12's as well. While this on its own raises grounds for concern, it was the fact that a single army composition was responsible for it that that created a very stale and unhealthy meta where success depended on a single formula instead of a variety of combinations. So we felt we had no choice but to nerf it again.
    And while it was tangentially related to successful hit rates, we looked at it more from a meta perspective than a hit rate perspective (although hit rate was part of the conversation).
    Question: i feel like as bottom 3 clans in champs1 will be demoted every season ( while only 1 is promoted from champs2), so there will come a time when there are only a few handful of clans left in champs1. Is this the plan behind the recent update?
    The reason for this change was actually for the opposite reason. If we didn't do anything there would be more than 1000 clans very soon. Champs I should be only for the best of the best. While it doesn't need to be all maxed TH12's, we do feel that it should at least have an all-TH12 roster.
    Question: How's the first week of ESL going? What are some of the lessons learned for players?
    My recommendation, if they've never competed in a Friendly War, is to remember that you need to manually set your War Base in Friendly War. If it's your first Friendly War, and if you don't set your War Base, it will default to your farming base. We've received a few reports from players who were concerned that their bases didn't reflect their active War base.
    Question: As a max th12 the only thing that's in the league medal shop currently to buy are statues.
    Is there a chance we will see more cosmetic items? What about putting training potions in there?
    Yes there are more rewards in the works for max players in the League shop. I don't have anything to add at this time, but our goal is to add more than just the current lineup of decorations. I don't know if there'll be Potions or Books added there, although Potions are more likely that Books.
    Question: Any plans for e-sports after the league that is currently going on? (forgot the name)
    If you're referring to future plans after the ESL World Championships, we have some ideas where we'd like it to go but we want to see how this year rolls out first before we make any solid commitments.
    Question: Will we see any more updates to cwl besides the recently announced changes?
    I hope so. We'll do a few tweaks here and there as we see necessary, but with the World Championships underway we don't want to make any major changes that could affect the outcome midway through the qualifiers.
    Question: Any chance for an update to some of the commonly requested API changes? The "opt in/opt out" status of each member for war. Which buildings are being upgraded (including heroes being upgraded).
    We know the API needs some serious love and attention. I don't know if those exact things are being added though.
    Question: After the april update will we still get each war win bonus medals excluding medals earned based on no of stars gained by a individual? And would there be any changes in bonus distribution?
    Bonus Medals and Win Bonuses are untouched in the update. There is no change to the bonus distribution either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    I would love to see space unicorns and cosmic cats
    Click Here for Unicorns

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    Question:I have noticed fewer clouds this season. Has anything changed or is it my imagination?
    Without specifying a trophy range, it's hard for me to make a determination whether or not the cloud issue is better or worse. Some have claimed it's worse than ever, while some are seeing an alleviation at certain trophy levels.
    Question: Speaking of clouds, how's OBS (operation blue skies) going? Any timeline, any insights?
    We're still on track for the first half of this year. Once we get this next update out, we'll hopefully start being able to share what we have in store for OBS.
    Question: Can we get some dark clouds for night time raiding in higher leagues?
    I've repeatedly given this feedback to the team. I promise.
    Question: operation blue skies.. will we be able to see it being implemented by the end of October?
    Like BH9, our goal is first half of the year, so barring any major issues our goal is to get it live before July of this year.
    Question: Why do you believe that clouds are an issue?
    Preventing players from playing the game they want to play is an issue. Especially when it pertains to some of your most hardcore players.
    Question: WHERE IS THIS MARCH UPDATE!!! Is the operations blue skies gonna work?
    Why does everyone keep asking about a March update? We've never said the update was coming in March. As far as our solution to the Clouds, it's still in the early production stages. That means, until more of it is developed the most we can do is be optimistic.

    Builder Base:
    Question: Have you noticed the debate about the builder base's gem mine? A maxed gem mine produces 4,3 gems per day. Assuming I have an empty gem mine and 24 hours later I collect 4 gems, does that mean I have 0,3 gems in my mine, or it resets to zero?
    I answered this above. Unfortunately, I genuinely don't know and will have to ask the team in the morning.
    Question: will there be any competitive wars like in the main village. Any clue you can give on the date of arrival of bh9?
    BH9 is slated for the first half of this year. Apart from that, there really isn't much I can share about it just yet. We'll share more after this next update is released.
    Question: What’s the status of builder hall 9? It was originally promised for early 2019
    While I don't recall promising a date for BH9, I do recall saying we were trying to get it out in Q1. But it will most likely be within the first half of the year and won't make it for this update.
    Question: There was this recent debate regarding the gem mine could you give a definitive answer about it? (Basically, by collecting a gem from gem mine, does it reset the on going gem fabrication or not?)
    Oh geez. I genuinely don't know. I'm really sorry. That's something I'll have to ask the team about.
    Question: Will builder base receive more balance changes? Night Witches and Baby dragons feel completely useless at top levels.
    When we implement BH9, we'll be taking a look at the current roster to see what needs to be balanced. We did a round of balancing a while back (Cannon Carts) and it entirely depends on what trophy range you're referring to. Night Witches have a huge success rate up until around 3100 to 3200 trophies. After that the bases get too strong to Night Witch spam so newer troop combos are needed. We feel that's a healthy curve.
    Question: any idea when we might see some tournaments or competitive PvP features for the Builder Base?
    We've thought about doing something like this for the Builder Base, but we don't want the Builder Base to follow in the same footsteps as the Main Village. So there's nothing I can really add to this other than we're looking at options.
    Question: When is bh9 coming?
    H1 2019 (first half of the year).
    Question: Did you guys have any plans for Builder Base beyond BH8 when you launched it? You have any plans now for it now?
    The thing about game development is that long term goals change as the game develops. We may have had a goal for a particular feature, but looking back on it we may have taken a completely divergent path due to real-life challenges that crept up or new ideas that came into play. With Builder Base, I started on the team the week Builder Base was released. While the goal was to give a new game mode with head-to-head PVP, I couldn't say whether or not the planned roadmap was adhered to since I wasn't on the team when the roadmap was conceived.

    Ok, quick QoL improvement exclusive for this AMA. With this next update, we'll be introducing a new Leadership rotation feature. In the event that a Clan's leader becomes inactive, after 90 days, Leadership will pass to the next senior active Co-Leader as long as that Co-Leader has been active in the last 60 days. Seniority is determined by how long a player has been in the Clan. If the next senior Co-Leader hasn't been on for 90 days, then it will go to the next senior Co-Leader if that player has been active in the past 60 days.

    If the Leader has been inactive for 90 days, the Leadership will automatically pass to the next senior Co-Leader.

    More details about this will be posted on the forums in the near future.
    Question: There is a very popular myth if I may say so in this subreddit that supposedly, scammers can steal accounts that have screenshots of a base that has its gems number in it. Supposedly, they try to steal it by contacting Supercell Support and attempt to manipulate them. For such reasons, some users in this subreddit hide their gem number when posting their accomplishements, to be on the safe side. Is that true? Can scammers really steal an account if they provide a screenshot of a base along with the gem number?
    Scammers. It's always helpful to hide any identifying information regarding your Clash of Clans account. I'm not sure what the current Player Support policy is on that since they're all gone for the day. But protecting your account information is always beneficial. However, protecting it with a Supercell ID should help add that extra layer of security.
    Question: Clan perks: the word around clan perks for clans lvl10 or higher, is that if you add perks at those levels, will increase the gap with lower/newer clans, and you guys don't want that. Have you considered changing the requirements for lower level clans to gain a level? As you made it easier for players to advance from TH3 to 10, you can make it easier for clans to move from lvl1 to say 8 or 9. What say you?
    That's an excellent suggestion and one we've discussed. We do want to give incentive for Clans to grow and level. Getting to that top tier is a rather long process and it can be discouraging to newer Clans.
    Question: how can hog riders rest in a lvl5 army camp, where a hog is already on fire for dinner? Can't your designers swap the hog with something less frightening for the hogs, like a turkey i.e.?
    Perhaps it's a BBQ of fallen enemy Hog Riders? Or...perhaps it's not a real Hog, but just a faux effigy they burn as a sacrifice to the Hog Rider deities as a way to request glorious combat!
    Question: We haven't had a ClashCon in a long time now. Are there any plans for one in the near future?
    Throwing a convention is a very time and resource consuming thing. While we'd love to do one, it would have to be for all our games and not just Clash of Clans. Furthermore, it would have to be near the dev team HQ (Helsinki) for logistical purposes and flying to Finland isn't exactly the most convenient place for people to fly to. But, I for one would definitely love to have another Clash Con in the future.
    Question: Off topic, but what did the Finnish and any other fans in the office think of ENCE's run in the recent IEM Katowice event?
    Any time a Finnish team wins it's celebrated but in a very humble way. The Finns are a very pragmatic and humble people.
    Question: Is it true that Lach gives daily dabbing lessons to the staff?
    We don't talk about the dabbing "incident" of 2018. We just pretend it never happened.
    Question: The idea of linking clans (such as sister/ally clans) has been brought up on this subreddit quite a bit. Has this idea been acknowledged by The Clash Team, and what is their opinion about it if so?
    We like the idea of Clans being linked to one another while still being able to retain their own distinct identities. So it's a matter of how do we want to go about implementing this. It hasn't really progressed beyond early discussions, I'm afraid. But we do have a big list of "Clan improvements" we're building up. The release date will be shared in the developer update video being released next week! So no vaguery there!
    Question: Are there any plans to create a new rank in clans? I would love to be able to differentiate ranked members further than just elder and co-leader.
    It does feel nice to be able to promote members for contributions, even if those promotions are just decorative in title. I don't disagree with that, and it's a QoL improvement that's been given to the dev team for consideration. We do want to improve the Clan experience and it's something we've been discussing for a little while now. Hopefully, more ranks/titles are something that can be added to the equation.
    Question: Automatic succession of leadership for an inactive leader
    I am leader of a couple of clans and I'd like to know that they would be able to continue to function in the event of a worst case scenario like me suffering from a sudden & prolonged illness or death. Lots of people have asked for the ability for inactive leaders to be automatically demoted after some period of time with succession going to one of the co-leaders. For most clans, it's just a leader giving up the game and never logging in again, but there are also times when an otherwise fit and active leader abruptly disappears.
    Does SuperCell have a best-practice guideline now for this scenario? Any plans of introducing some automated succession rules after a leader is inactive for a long period of time?
    Now that clans are leveling up and building invaluable history, culture, and perks, this is important.
    We do have a QoL announcement regarding this coming soon. I don't want to give anything away at this time, but I recommend keeping an eye on the forums for when we do announce it. Ok, quick QoL improvement exclusive for this AMA. With this next update, we'll be introducing a new Leadership rotation feature. In the event that a Clan's leader becomes inactive, after 90 days, Leadership will pass to the next senior active Co-Leader as long as that Co-Leader has been active in the last 60 days. Seniority is determined by how long a player has been in the Clan. If the next senior Co-Leader hasn't been on for 90 days, then it will go to the next senior Co-Leader if that player has been active in the past 60 days.
    If the Leader has been inactive for 90 days, the Leadership will automatically pass to the next senior Co-Leader.
    More details about this will be posted on the forums in the near future.
    Question: whats the cost of pizza over there?
    Pizza is pretty expensive here, depending on where you go. For example, back home in the US where I'm from, Pizza Hut is a pretty budgetable delivery pizza. However, here (and in many parts of the EU) they've marketed it as a dine-in pizzeria (and it's pretty tasty). But, I've learned to live with glaring hatred from others since I commit heresy by eating pepperoni with pineapple. I'm Californian. What can I say?
    Question: Finally, can you give us a hint/clue on the next update, like a word, or sentence (even better)?
    Sure...If I were to give a hint it would be..OH GEEZ ANOUSHKA GET THAT MALLET AWAY FROM MY KEYB*()*)(%*@$()*()*R)(*#)($*(*)(@*$()*)(*)(#*$
    Question: I'm still waiting on the option to change my clan name. Is that a future possibility?
    The team is aware of this request. There are no current plans to implement this in-game just yet. They haven't officially ruled it out, but it's a definite "not at this time."
    Question: Can we expect someway to designate sister clans in next update?
    Not in the next update, but it is on our list of features we'd like to tackle at some point.
    Question: Is any new game mode in works, particularly something as big as clan wars and clan games?
    We've got lots of big content planned for this year, including the next update. So keep an eye out for the developer video next week.
    Question: What about in game polls like one in brawl Stars?
    The game back end isn't designed for that, but it would entirely depend on why something like that would need to be implemented.
    Question: Will we see anything as skins for heroes?
    Never say never!
    Question: Will we ever get AI improvements?
    We're looking at various AI logics for the Heroes. Hopefully we can tune them a bit to give them more "I" in "AI".
    Question: I have read through the QOL wish list posts on both the forums and on reddit. I'm curious though what your biggest QOL wish is.
    If I were able to pick my own QoL favorite to be input into the game, I'd say I would love a Troop donation log to keep track of who donated what. Not just to figure out who donated those Wall Breakers (insert angry face) but also just to keep a running tally of when some Clanmates are online to fulfill requests.
    Question: Are you excited for both Endgame and GOT season 8 next month?
    Yes and yes.
    Question: Why are your cats so derpy?
    They say pets take after their caretakers. I'd say that's pretty accurate.
    Question: Has your wife made a full recovery yet? Last I heard about her, she accidentally removed a Christmas tree from her village and was not happy about it.
    She's going through counseling for that trauma. The doctors say she'll pull through but may never be the same person again.
    Question: Supercell IDs are serialized in alphabetical order, is it possible in future if we can make categories? Like a TH12 category it contains our TH12 accounts, max category which contains our max accounts and similar categories? It would make it so organised while switching
    The Supercell ID team is independent of the Clash team. It's its own development team that works with each of our game teams to implement the Supercell ID and maintain its functionality, along with working side by side with Player Support to help ensure our players are able to secure their accounts as well. So that team is wholly responsible for looking at making improvements, though we do provide quite a bit of input on how the system can be improved. I would love to be able to name my accounts on my Supercell ID list. I do forget which base is which when I have 4 minis and 1 main
    Question: I would REALLY love to migrate some of my accounts over to SuperCell ID (from Google Play logins), but the inability to assign a friendly village name to list entries on the SuperCell ID login page means that I have to memorize the association of email addresses to village names - easy if I never change the name of a village but difficult after village name and email are no longer similar.
    Are there any plans to make SuperCell ID a little easier for people to use? (it would also be very nice of we could not only rename, but re-order the list).
    Supercell ID is designed and produced by another team within Supercell, and not by the Clash team. However, they are constantly looking at how they can improve the workflow of managing multiple accounts.
    Question: Of all the troop/spell special events, which have you enjoyed playing the most?
    I actually enjoy coming up with the names for the events more than playing them. Our live ops guys constantly shakes his head in disappointment or disbelief when I give him the list of names for the events. I have to say "Fearless Five" for International Women's Day was probably my favorite event name.
    Question: Can we expect a return of such “Sofa Events” like the 5th Clash-iversary War? Those were great to watch & something to dream of participating in!
    Those livestream events were a lot of fun, weren't they? We did a livestream for Clash's 6th Anniversary and I hope we can do one for the game's 7th this year as well. If we do, I hope we can have as much fun as we've had in the past.
    Question: First, is there any planned graphical update for the game, like a 3D render?
    Hmm...that's an interesting question. While we don't have a 3D client in development, we do have some...interesting...tweaks we'll be introducing in due course.
    Question: When is the new big update coming
    We will share the release date in the developer update video coming in two weeks!
    Question: Any update hints you can give?
    The dev update video should be dropping next week. It has loads of previews. And some really cool content.
    Question: How many updates can we expect to see this year?
    I wouldn't be surprised if there were 3 more major updates this year. BUT...that's NOT a promise. It's more like a goal.
    Question: Is there a letter you can give us or some other kind of hint for the upcoming update?
    All will be revealed in the developer video in two weeks. Beyond that, I'm remaining tight lipped. Although I'll probably let something slip at some point.
    Question: Have you guys thought of adding extra troop skins, kind of like in Brawl Stars?
    If we were to do something like this, it would need to be done in a way that is beneficial to the community, and not simply to do it for vanity purposes.
    Question: Have you guys thought of adding more achievments to the game? Possibly sone that reward you with a certain magic item even?
    We do on occasion add more achievements. We did when we introduced TH12 and we'll probably add more as we release more content.
    Question: Whats your favourite Movie?
    It's a tie between Interstellar, Arrival, Contact, and The Crow.
    Question: We see several posts a week to this sub from people who legitimately try to recover an account who end up with a ban on one or both of the original lost account and the new one they are using to reach out to SuperCell support from.
    Is this just a vocal minority who are posting because things went poorly, or is this becoming an epidemic? It feels like each week that goes by we see more of these posts, and reading the summaries, it sounds like people are getting inconsistent and unfair treatment.
    Is SuperCell taking any steps to address this, or perhaps create a better and more consistent process for handling account recovery, or should we just look forward to seeing a continued increase in the number of "i got banned for trying to recover an account" posts?
    The challenge in this is that for every person legitimately trying to recover their account, there are probably a dozen or so more attempts to illegitimately steal other players' accounts. How often do we hear about a player who says "his brother cousin played on his account without his permission" and got it banned? Or someone stating their account was "hacked" when they fell for a phishing scam?
    We have to put strict policies in place to make sure Player Support is not a route malicious individuals can use to try and steal other players' accounts. And while of course, we can do more to make the process more efficient, it's better to have those strict measure in place than to not have them at all.
    Question: Hey Darian! What is your favourite obstacle of all time?
    My enemy's Town Hall.
    Question: I only have one question, and it isn't very significant, what type of pizza are you having?
    Pepperoni and pineapple
    Question: Do you play CWL? If yes, how much do you enjoy it on a scale of 1-10?
    My Clan is currently in Crystal III. We had a few members miss attacks due to real life obligations and we're a pretty casual Clan these days so we're not nearly as high as we could be. I enjoy the Leagues quite a bit. So I'd probably give it an 8 out of 10. An 8 since my wife didn't give me any Bonus Medals.
    Question: Your favorite Hero, Troop, Spell, Siege Machine and overall strats?
    Archer Queen (I do love me a good Queen Walk), PEKKA, Rage, Wall Wrecker. Although my all-time favorite strat is probably the classic GoWiPe. Partly because it's where I learned a lot about Clash strategy, so I love it for nostalgia purposes.
    Question: Are there any plans to make Recruitment like minded Players easy? About an year ago you changed the way clans are shown in suggestion because of that we can't anymore just set the clan to open and set the trophy value to 0 to let lots of players join?
    As I've stated earlier in the AMA, we do want to take a closer look at how we can improve the Clan experience. This includes recruitment and finding ways to make it easier for new and veteran players alike to find like-minded Clashers and create new communities.
    Question: What ideas spawned from this subreddit has been recently acknowledged by Supercell? What ideas from this subreddit (recent or not) has Supercell acknowledged that are currently being worked on?
    It would be impossible to pinpoint specific ideas that were directly inspired from one source or another. Reason behind that is that we look at suggestions as just that...suggestions. We do come up with an idea on the team, but we do also reflect on the Community's perspective to see what they expect out of it if they've suggested something similar. We tend to put our own spin on certain ideas. However, ideas that were a direct result of player suggestions were things like the Gem Mine, Clan Games (quests), Clan War Leagues, Magic Items, and a bevvy of other features.
    Question: Are there any plans to have more clan Perks?
    We don't have any new perks in the works (accidental rhyme), but like the Clan experience, this could use a lot of improvement.
    Question: Are there any plans to add aesthetics?
    If we were to do cosmetic upgrades for characters, we want to make sure it's done in a way that doesn't cheapen the experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    I would love to see space unicorns and cosmic cats
    Click Here for Unicorns

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    Still searching for the hog rider in BB...
    Thanks iGroot! great work!

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    Question: When is the new big update coming
    We will share the release date in the developer update video coming in two weeks!

    Question: Any update hints you can give? [IMG]file:///C:\Users\mwadyal\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\0 1\clip_image001.png[/IMG]
    The dev update video should be dropping next week. It has loads of previews. And some really cool content.

    Question: Is any new game mode in works, particularly something as big as clan wars and clan games?
    We've got lots of big content planned for this year, including the next update. So keep an eye out for the developer video next week.

    So is it a week or two weeks? I'm kinda being very specific about the timing but I'm excited about the developer video.

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    I really applaud your efforts for Putting all of these questions into 4 sub categories (main, bb, cwl/esl & misc) I can't probably thanks you enough for that!

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    Thanks for doing this, now I just need to find the time to read it all

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    A year and a half between BB updates. Its almost as if they want it to die ....

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    Thank you iGroot for transferring the AMA Reddit to here. As is my usual practice when reading posts, I read the title of the post first, then the body, and finally the name of the poster last.

    I was sad when I saw your new title which indicated you were sent to banned camp right after posting the AMA? Then I remember that when our post count reaches 1000, we get the "banned" title. We also get a new title after posting 1001 posts.

    Now I'm amused.

    March 13, 2019
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    What the hell?
    The L entity is as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel.
    Yet many farms heard recently the toll of the bell.
    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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    iGroot is banned after this post. I wonder if it was related to this post.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    Well don't play it then. The game is all about having fun. If you don't find that aspect of it to be fun, then don't play it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    What evidence I have seen suggests that most people are finding it fun. But obviously, not everybody will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by move4ward View Post
    iGroot is banned after this post. I wonder if it was related to this post.
    it’s a joke when you reach 1000 posts
    Nothing here stays the same forever. You must learn to change as the game changes, or clash will force you one way or another.

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