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Thread: Need good th 8.5 base design for both farming and defence.

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    Question Need good th 8.5 base design for both farming and defence.

    I am a th 8.5, and to be honest, a bit rushed. Im in silver I because I am farming and not going for trophies. I need a good base design for both loot and trophies, and all the internet ones I try only do one of these things. I need a good th9 base without x bows or an archer queen. If someone could find some links to good bases that would be great.

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    You’re not going to find a th8.5 base that works for you. Work with one of the bases you’ve already copied and tweak it to your requirements by watching every single attack on your base. Keep making changes until you’re happy with it.

    Also, review the bases of everyone who attacks you, and those who are in your league.

    That’s all the advice I can give you. Good luck and have fun.

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    Try a moat base like the one done by Klaus Gaming on YT
    It works well against most farming attacks but the game does favour offense so if someone does in fact use an expensive and strong army combination against your base then you will most likely be three starred.

    But NO worries i suggest you farm for dark elixir and get that archer queen ASAP shes a boss once leveled up.
    But my advice is to put down atleast 1 xbow when you have that 3 milllion loot itl help defend that juicy elxir gold and de. TH8.5 is a little outdated to be honest because you will get difficult matches in war either way

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