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    Clan games QoL suggestion


    I have realized that some players only join our clan to earn the minimum points to receive the benefits of our hard work. I believe that if someone should enjoy the fruits of labor should have to receive at least 1k within the allotted time. For example someone should receive at least 25% of the max points allowable to earn rewards at the highest tier.

    So each clan should be able to determine how much each person should contribute to earning tier rewards.

    Like level 1-3 rewards could be 10-15% of the total points. Then max reward points could be 20-30% or whatever the clan decides to set their standards on.


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    This idea is ruled out.
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    This suggestion has been brought up several times and SC has already stated that at least for now this is not on the table as itís considered a clan management issue.

    Also be careful what you wish for because such an idea can also backfire.. when with a few minutes to spare you just need a few points for the juicy rewards in the last tier.

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