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Thread: Pausing the clan game task's timer after The End of maintenance break

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    Unhappy Pausing the clan game task's timer after The End of maintenance break

    I failed a task which asked to "win 5 versus battles within an hour" I completely won 4 battles within half hour and gemmed the army for my last attack because I had to reach my Coaching classes soon and after gemming I tapped on Find button and bang "Attacking has disabled until maintenance break is over", The recent maintenance break that happened today around 5 p.m. then I wasn't able to return to the game sooner than the time expired, which Drowned my entire effort also 2 of my friends had to abandon their tasks, please add such feature which would pause the clan game task's timer 5 min's before maintenance break begins.

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    This is a reasonable request. They implemented a pause for the clock tower boost, why not here as well?

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    Yes, by all means this should be done.

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    +1 from me. It only makes sense.

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    Thanks guys for the support, and I wish you good luck in the games you play and for your living as well.

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