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Thread: Help task suddenly counted as "failed"

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    Help task suddenly counted as "failed"

    Hello, this is one of my first posts here, so forgive me if I do something wrong.

    I was enjoying myself in the Power derby, having done 6 tasks today. I thought I'd do one last 320 help task before sleep, and I set out to help people.

    After I helped person no. 6 in 15 minutes, my task suddenly disappeared from the right edge. I couldn't understand why until I checked my task log, where it says I've failed the task, even though I had only been pursuing it for 15 minutes, with over 5 days to spare.

    However, when I check the derby board, it still says I have 10 tasks available?

    Has anyone encountered this before, or can anyone provide an explanation?

    Link to screenshot:

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    Odd! You could contact in-game support with your screenshots & see what they say - obviously some kind of glitch.

    At least you'll still be able to do your full amount of tasks I guess, although annoying to lose a 320 help task.


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    I wouldn’t worry too much as long as you’re able to complete all your tasks allowed. I had a similar thing happen today.

    In champions league to do 18 tasks. I have 1 left to do after my current task & will make 18 done. The derby log shows I’ve done the correct number & the correct number I need to do. But, if you look at my personal task log it counts one extra with the extra “incomplete” one highlighted in blue.

    As long as I’m able to take & actually complete 18 tasks (+ the one extra if we decide to). I’m not concerned.

    If your not able to complete all your free tasks because of that then contact customer support before derby ends with screen shots if possible.

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