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    Wink Troop Market

    Hello everyone, I come here to leave an idea that I had during a game.

    We know you have the potion vendor, but have you stopped to think if you had a "salesman" of troops?

    1 - Sales system: The player would sell his troops of acceptable levels to be ordered by other players, so he would go to the collection of the day for any player in the world along with other different troops, for some value and then when bought received the amount of elixir you chose

    2 - Game system: A vendor stands next to the potion vendor, and for each amount of hours of the game, rotates the collection of troops for players to borrow, this would be a player who does not yet have a Valkyrie, could borrow valkyrie of limited amount or offered by the seller, in exchange for a fair price of elixir.

    It's still a cool idea, this can be complemented to suit the game. thank you.

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    1. Find a suitable clan and there is no need for this.

    2. Again, find a suitable clan that has membed that can donate troops you don't have or upgrade so you have said troops.

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