I am more serious about BH. these days. And think BH. 9 is not too far. So not very long ago, you all(SUPERCELL) gave us a new level of a shining Builder Hall along with its complementary troop, the Super PEKKA.
But, I want to know is there scarcity of some new ideas in our forums or in the SC staff HQ? Like, what was a Super PEKKA? A PEKKA that bursts itself after eating the shots of cannons & other defences 😂.
I'm not saying that it's a bad troop,but the idea was not very new, similar to the ICG(Ice-Golem) of main village stolen from the "Frozen Peak" arena of Clash Royale.
Also the Drop Ship was awful, I mean it is just like flying giants, that don't do much damage, rather distract the air-troops targetting defences.
But, yes the electro-dragon was something really commendable, not a copy of your other games, rather the Clash Royale(the museum of all sort of troops) community staff itself copied the E-drag in the game. And the defenses were also quite a bit copies from BB(mega tesla) to the main village(the Giga tesla).
So please make some new type of troops for the BH. 9 & new defence as well. Enough of electricity around the villages. LoL. And yes, dont make it's twin brother/sister in the main village.