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Thread: Recruiting TH12 for Clan "Elite Bullets"

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    Recruiting TH12 for Clan "Elite Bullets"

    Summary: Competitive but not psycho level 15 adult war clan. TH10-TH12 only. War search starts M, W, F at 8:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time. We always complete all tiers of clan games. Requests, including siege machines, typically filled very quickly.

    Our more relaxed farming/learning/war clan is Elite Bullets (tag #8YGVPGL).

    Clan Name: Elite Bullets
    Clan ID: #8YGVPGL

    Clan Requirements:

    • We are looking for active adult players – ones who log on most every day. You should be in war if you don’t have heroes down or are doing something in real life. We aren’t a clan for the person who wants to farm up their base and war occasionally.
    • No engineers including .5s. You must have all your defenses for your TH level. When you upgrade to a new TH level, we ask you sit out of war until all new defenses are started.


    • Must have level 25/25 heroes, 400+ war stars.
    • You should be practiced in multiple 3-star strategies for TH10.
    • TH10s should have attacks completed within the first 12 hours of war. We need to know if we need to dip. If you are used to waiting until the end to attack, it won't work in this clan.
    • Must have infernos. We don’t take .5s.

    TH11s & 12s:

    • We are selective with the 11s and 12s we take and expect more from our top members.
    • Must have 40/40 heroes, 600+ war stars.
    • TH11s should be able to DEMOLISH a max TH10 every time. TH12s should have a very high hit rate on max 11s.
    • Expected to be proficient in more than one 3-star attack strategy vs. 11s & 12s.
    • TH12s will be expected to be on the CWL roster unless they are not able to complete the 1 attack per day needed for some reason.


    I am the leader of the level 11 clan, Elite Bullets. We've been around for over 4 years, and have a strong leadership core that keeps things running smoothly.

    Clan philosophy:

    • We take war seriously - it's the best part of the game. But we have lives. We aren't going to get crazy competitive.
    • Respect other clanmates. No excessive bad language. We all want to have fun in a relaxed, positive atmosphere!
    • Donate when you have time and can fill a request. We have very active donators and you will get exactly what you ask for during the war. We ask that you keep at least 1:2 donation ratio.
    • Our expectation each war is to 3-star all the TH11s and below and 2-star the TH12s at a minimum.

    If this clan environment sounds like what you are looking for, mention 'CoC Forums' when you join.

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