Looking for new members to help with War Leagues. We are a casual clan. But constantly doing wars, clan games, and league wars. Currently have 30ish members. 313 wins. Mostly American, but international as well. Usually a couple-few people on at all times. All time zone players welcome! No super rushed bases please. Looking for TH10-12. TH9's should have lvl 15-20+ heroes. TH 10s 20-30+. TH 11s 30-40+. And TH12s 40+. Exceptions can be made if you're a good fit and want to be serious about staying and helping with wars and games. RebelutionNahko is the name, #PJJPR2YC is the tag. Write the word Forum in the join message if you wanna join. So me or my Co leaders know where you came from. Also, bring your friends! Willing to merge clans as well, I can kick up to 10 people to make room for 15-25 new people. Your clan must come to mine. Let's war it up!