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Thread: Clan war league bonus update

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    Clan war league bonus update

    You guys, we should seriously make the bonuses in clan war league private. Having less than 15 bonuses is causing dismay when everyone in the clan can see who is rewarded. Made me lose ten members in a matter of hours, all because they weren't rewarded. I for one as a leader think it should be private between me and who I reward. However some clans have inactive leaders so co leaders still might should have the ability to hand out rewards. This is an idea to help combat this problem.

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    And then people will start asking you who you gave the medals out to, and through process of elimination, as your clanmates start revealing who got medlas and the others realize who didn't, then you're back to square one. This doesn't solve any problem because people will be people and will undoubtedly either thank you in chat for giving him/her bonus medals or brag about it.
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    just lay down the law. Player who does the most for the clan gets the bonus.

    Put it in the rules -

    enforce it

    people know what to expect and if they join and stay they wont complain because you have a system in place

    That could be a rotation - everyone gets a bonus one after the other till the whole clan has it then we restart

    could be a 'most donations gets it'

    could be player with the 'most attcks this season gets it'

    could be the player with the most stars gets it

    could be the player who logs in and fills all the castles gets it

    many creative ways to solve this problem without a suggestion to hide it.

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