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Thread: {RECRUITING} | WAY OF FOO | Level 16 Clan | War Clan

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    Cool {RECRUITING} | WAY OF FOO | Level 16 Clan | War Clan

    Clan: WAY OF FOO
    Clan Tag: #8COLCP22
    Level: 16
    War Log: 523-149-7
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

    First off, I'm sure you're all thinking: Dang. That's a nice clan. Yeah, we know. We're pretty cool.
    Then, I'm certain you thought: How would I possibly get into such a great clan? It's pretty easy, actually. All you have to do is be a TH10 or higher, although if you're a pretty solid TH9 (20/20+), I at the very least will let you in.
    After you get in, you might verbalize to absolutely no one around you: How would I stay in this absolutely wonderful clan? That too is pretty easy. Do you donate? Are you somewhat active? Do you participate in clan games? Are you half decent at attacking bases? Chances are, if you said "yes" to all or most of those questions, you'll be safe from the boot.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __
    Wow, that was simple. If you didn't feel like reading that stuff above and you're still wondering about any rules once you're in the clan, here's a list for you:

    • Be a non-rushed TH10+ if you wan't to be in for sure. If I (MoneyBunz) am online and I see a request from a 20/20+ TH9, I'll accept that too.
    • Donate frequently and fill lingering requests before you press the "Request for Troops" button.
    • Be online every day, a couple times a day. We all have lives and jobs, so if you're looking for a clan that chats 24/7, you're going to want a different clan. For the most part we are relatively inactive during the day (we still attack and request for troops), but are very active at night.
    • Do your best to get as many clan game points as possible. We have never missed the full reward and intend on keeping that streak alive.
    • Speaking of streak, we're good at war. So you should be decent at war too. Obviously, we aren't complete jerks and will help you to get better with attacking. With that said, of course we aren't perfect and frequently mess up ourselves, so don't take us to be hypocritical.
    • You should be an adult if you wan't to be in the clan. You should also speak English. Again, if it is somewhat broken English, we won't judge. Well, maybe Johnny will. But no one listens to Johnny (we love you Johnny)
    • You have to sit out the first war. We've had some issues with this in the past, so please don't judge us on this rule. It is what it is and you won't change our minds.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __
    With all of that said, if you're interested in joining the clan, please put "Saw that forum post, Money" in your request. The other guys have absolutely no idea I'm doing this but I figured that it's much easier to just post online and hope for the best than it is to recruit all the hoppers and "bro"s from global.

    We do have a feeder clan which we use for CWL (Elite Virtue II, #CLCUY2G). It's got 3 members sitting in it, but I at least hope we will fill out the clan to the point where we can actually use it for everyday clanning.

    There are a lot of us with multiple accounts in the clan (I have 7 in the clan myself), so if you have a few accounts you want to bring over, be our guest! All we ask is that if you do so, one of your accounts should be a near-max TH10 or higher. As far as the others that you have, any TH will do.

    Thank you guys for reading all of that, I know it was probably a lot and almost all of you haven't read it at all, but give us a check at least. Happy clashing, nerds.
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