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Thread: Looking for active derby focused Neighborhood

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    Looking for active derby focused Neighborhood

    Have to take a break from
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    Hi Derby Cats are looking for new people to come and join our team.

    We are a medium sized neighbourhood with international farmers but we all speak English.

    We are dedicated and enthusiastic Derby players and are looking for people who are as keen as we are.

    We are looking for people who are able to take on all types of Derby tasks - I know we all have our favourites and the ones we dislike but we like people to knuckle down with the rest of us.

    All our tasks are at 310 or 320 points. We always go for the higher figure when we can. We always aim for the minimum required tasks but when we can we do go for the extra task.

    We like good communication amongst the team as that is what provides us with the results that we want. We have Facebook messenger which serves our purpose to this end. We are chatty and friendly and willing to help each other out when we can.

    We do not have many rules. We play to enjoy the game and hopefully win the trophies.

    If you like the sound of our neighbourhood and it meets with what you are looking for please pay us a visit. We would like really like to meet you, so look for our tag.


    We look forward to meeting you soon.

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