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Thread: *Family Farmers* Casual neighborhood for fun farming!

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    Talking *Family Farmers* Casual neighborhood for fun farming!

    Hello All!
    We are Family Farmers, a new neighborhood looking for members to do casual Derby and help each other out!

    All levels, especially new players, are welcome, and there's no pressure to use diamonds / real money / get on a leaderboard. We are returning players who just started up again and play to have fun in our free time. Anyone can join regardless of age, gender, etc.

    Some Rules:

    1. Be active - inactive players who just disappear will receive a warning before being kicked
    2. Be helpful and friendly - if you're asking for help, you should also be giving it as much as you can
    3. Keep chat family-friendly - racism, sexism, gross comments, and excessive bad language will get you kicked
    4. Participate in Derby - it's more fun if everyone pitches in even a little

    Other Things

    Although everyone is welcome to join, we speak English and are from the US, so we will be most active during the US daytime.

    If you've read this far and would like to join, send us a request at


    Happy farming!

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