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Thread: Rework on obstacle count!!!

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    Rework on obstacle count!!!

    due to the intro of showels...its quite obvious that bases would have infinite seasonal obstacles...which would remain for ask is for ordinary trees,bushes etc to spawn atleast 2 for every base that already attained max count...those obstacles are being extra-ordinary for me...but my real concern is for "FREE GEMS"....why suppperccelll😭

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    If you want the FREE GEMS, you have to reduce the number of obstacles you have.

    THAT is an easier and simpler solution than trying to get a change made to the game.

    Personally, I have reduced the number of special obstacles I have of each type to 2.. One day, I'll have to reduce it to 1.

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    I guess the number of obstacle count is enough... I mean, you can actually have 47 seasonal obstacle and have 3 left space that can spawn normal obstacle and you could get free gems from it. Personally, I only keep 1 of each seasonal obstacle on the edge of my base.

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    Great idea, or use the BB for free gems, that boats gotta have some use right?

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    you could use the Builder Base to get free gems... still...

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