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Thread: Beta Klan|Adult War Clan| Weekend CW/CWL monthly |Th10+ |25/25+ heroes |Clan Level 14

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    Beta Klan|Adult War Clan| Weekend CW/CWL monthly |Th10+ |25/25+ heroes |Clan Level 14

    This is Beta Klan (TAG: #22QGOCYV). We are an English speaking & Adult clan that's been around longer than Clan Wars. We try to keep it casual & fair play, while still attacking to win. We're looking to refill our roster to push Clan Wars, CWL's & Clan Games. We are a group that's been together since 2013, with different levels of activity over the years. We've been doing CW's since they were added to the game in2014. We do CW's on weekends & CWL when available.

    How to apply:
    If you are a drama free adult with a non-rushed TH10+, 25/25+ heroes who want's to CW on the casual side. Take an invite! Helps to say you're from the CoC forums in the invite note.

    Clan Info:

    • Most of the clan is 20's to 40's with families, spouses & Jobs. We CW on Weekends to not upset that group and CWL for the week it's available.
    • Many of our members have 2nd accounts we can add/sit to make cw's work when people need to sit out for heroes or life. Main accounts have priority in CW's.
    • We prefer stress free fun, so we plan on keeping CW sizes in the 10-30 man range. This avoids the large CW's with all the organization, APP's and drama involved.
    • No Donation requirements, just don't abuse the group without supporting.
    • No forced chat Apps, we do have a GroupMe we've been using for 5 years, but not required.

    Clan War Info:

    • Weekend CW's started @ 9PM EST US time zone on Friday.
    • CW Attacking: We generally hit +/- 2 of your # so you can use the troops your comfortable with. Most just attack their #.
    • CWL when it's available starting @ 9pm EST US time on the day it's available.
    • CWL Attacking: Attack your #.
    • We put every member in CWL for the rewards, best defense/offense TH's are the 15 active to attack.
    • We attack for 3 stars, no one's going to get mad about 2, but always go for 3.
    • If you can't be active for a CW, just make yourself red & sit out. Life & Hero upgrades happen.

    Clan Games info:

    • We hope everyone will chip in to get the best rewards possible, but not required.

    We hope to see you in Game! Apply there!
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    24 hour Bump. Hope to see you in game!

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