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Thread: New CWL format hurts growing clans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionheart567 View Post
    So I have a few issues with the new CWL format. I understand we don't want to create an atmosphere where clans can sandbag to stay in a certain tier but win all of their matchups for extra bonuses. My problem is that as a Max TH 12 (max heroes as well) I am in a clan with friends and we are rising up the cwl leagues. We just won crystal 1 this week and for my efforts as our #1 I'll get over 300 war league medals. Going into Crystal 2 next month I won't even have the potential to make 300 war league medals. In fact it will be multiple levels before I can get that production from cwl again.

    For me I might stay in my clan just because I am only using medals on wall rings, but a few other th12's are saying well why the heck don't I go to a clan in champions so that at minimum I'm getting 500 medals? What we are going to see is many of the town hall 12's with some work to do leaving long time clans just because they are guaranteed hundreds more medals every single month...

    Is this really what we want? To me this really hurts the game. Less siege engines available in these clans will make wars tougher for them and overall make the game vastly more unenjoyable over time without the ability to lure th12s to come join the team. These are my thoughts and I submit them to the global clash community.
    Sorry mate. But it seems to me that you simply sandbagged entry season, since you are blitzkrieging each tier level.
    It would appear that you may well come up short now that SC have decided to take some action to sort out the mess.

    If the 12s decide to fast track their route to the top by moving on, then it simply means the strategy of seeding low has backfired.
    Hopefully this will be a lesson learned by others that are considering doing the same.

    Although, if the membership are willing to move due to a 1 week per month event, they arent what could be called "clan members"

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsonatore View Post
    Ah, but if he was in cr3 he couldn’t have gotten over 300 medals without a bonus. Not that it matters, overall his clan will still get more medals if they move up under the new system.

    Just curious, what are you max 12s doing with these medals? I know I’m just piling mine up and giving the bonuses to those that can use them.
    just assumed he calculated incorrectly lol...i made a lot of assumptions.

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