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Thread: AAARRRGGGG, problem neighbors.

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    AAARRRGGGG, problem neighbors.

    Today I had to kick out a moocher. He was a problem child the first time and I was stupid enough to give him a second chance.
    The Saga of Begger Barnyard (name has been changed to protect the lazy)
    Last month Begger joined our very low key neighborhood midweek. I explained derby rules. All we ask is that everyone who opts into the derby do a task. Monday came around and posted a message reminding Begger and everyone else that this was the perfect day to opt in or out depending on how their week was looking. One person posted that he needed to be opted out. I took care of it. Another said it was exams week so she too opted out. No word from Begger. I knew he was on because he made a neighborhood request. Flash forward to Saturday night. Zero derby score from Begger. He had not even taken a single task, not even a help task. Even when two separate people posted that if anyone wanted to take a help task they had a ton of trees to water. Again I know Begger saw it because right after those post he AGAIN made a neighborhood request. I posted AGAIN that anyone with zero points on the derby board on Sunday would be opted out of the next derby, to keep it fair for everyone. Sunday I opted him and two other people out. Tuesday he left. Thursday he sent a request to join. Saturday he sent a request to join. Both times were midnight for me and the other leaders, by the time we saw them he had joined other neighborhoods. The next Wednesday he sent a request to join while I was actually on. I accepted and told him I was giving him a rare second chance, not to let me down. Yesterday he AGAIN requested his twice daily 5 items. I said NOPE, not until you take a task, so he grabbed a truck task, bypassing the three easy help tasks, I went to his farm and saw that his truck order board was filled with little green check marks. I thought for sure he was going to step up and earn his spot in our team. NOPE. 30 hours and two neighborhood requests later his task expired. I booted and set our neighborhood to invite only.
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    You were more patient with him than me. Seems he was trouble from the start. Happy you have sorted it now. There’s lots like him out there.

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    I would have booted him just before the end of the derby so he could claim no prizes. No work, no reward.

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    We feel your frustration. We had someone new join our hood a couple of weeks ago. We were told the reason for her move was that her neighbourhood upped the level entrance to 150. 1st week she was ok, did all of her derby tasks but constantly flagged maximum of everything and only helped a couple of times. Next week she brought baby farm over in time for power derby. Again flagged everything maximum times, we never saw a machine running on either farm, non of her pets were fed so they all looked miserable. At one point she complained about how long her boats were taking to be filled yet she never placed an ad in paper. Despite us filing numerous crates and serving many of her townies, and filling requests from stand, we were only helped twice.Her baby farm was mia for the last 4 days. The rest of us were finished on Wednesday. With 1/2 hr remaining in derby and 7 tasks to go we knew she wouldn’t finish and booted her.
    Yep we feel your pain.

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